June 12, 2022

Classic Alalunga Hits Mirabello Quay

A 22 meter Alalunga motor yacht crashed into the fuel quay of Mirabello marina at around 1830 hours of Sunday 12 June.  The reports say that the accident was done on purpose by the captain to save the yacht from sinking as it was taking on water on its way to entering the Spezia harbor. Unconfirmed reports are saying the yacht was taking in water due to a broken seacock, while others are reporting it hit something on the way into the Spezia harbor.  Thanks to this risky maneuver from the captain and immediate May-Day call for assistance, and help from the Italian coast guard and fire fighting squads of La Spezia the yacht was reported as saved from sinking at about 2200 hours of the same day.  
The yacht in this accident is a Spertini Alalunga 22 from 1980 powered by twin 900hp MTU engines.  Introduced in 1975 and produced till the end of the eighties the Alalunga 22 came from a design of Aldo Cichero and was build of wood and to custom order, and was an evolutionary innovative motor yacht in its time, with a four double cabins lower deck layout and two crew cabins. 

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