June 18, 2022

Explorer Motor Yacht Burns Down in Maine

A 21 meter explorer yacht named Elusive, went on fire and eventually sank on 1600 hours of Saturday 18 June, near Kittery in Maine.  Elusive had three passengers and two dogs onboard, who as soon as they saw the fire jumped in the water for safety and where picked unharmed by nearby boats.  Meanwhile New Hampshire state police called the coast guard, four fire department, and Kittery's harbor master for assistance, to no success as the yacht burned to the waterline, and two hours later sank.  The three persons onboard lost all there belongings as Elusive was a live aboard yacht. 
Elusive is a Marlow Explorer 70E from 2007.  The 70E was introduced in 2002, part of the 65-70 series and different from the smaller 65 in the sloop stern.  The Marlow 70E is standard powered by 715hp engines which can go up to 1100hp units and offered a three double cabins layout with a twin or double berth crew cabin aft.  The Marlow Explorer 70E evolved into the Mk.II in 2018.

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