April 30, 2020

Monthly News - April 2020

-pic of the month- Formula Extends Stay at Home Order

Arcadia Looks at Future with Confidence

Reacting and being proactive at such a strange and difficult time: this is what Arcadia is doing, with some major initiatives offering concrete support for the company's employees and craftsmen.  After making use of the social safety nets put in place by the Italian government, Arcadia has decided to further support its workers’ purchasing power to ensure that they will be ready to deal with the current situation in perfect tranquility and serenity. Arcadia is able to make this important commitment thanks to its financial solidity, aware of the key role played by businesses in their local communities.  Initiatives underlining the desire to face the future with confidence, maintaining dialogue with yachting passionate who continue to demonstrate interest in what the shipyards are doing. As demonstrated by the popularity of the renewed Arcadia website, which, after several months of steady growth, recently began to register even more views all over the world.  At present, the company’s top management envisions a number of possible different scenarios for the near future, in order to be ready for the new world that will emerge from the crisis.  An auspicious sign for future recovery is the recent sale of a new Sherpa XL vessel, in addition to the four yachts already ordered. All five will be delivered in 2020.  “Arcadia successfully made its debut on the market during a very complicated time, ten years ago,” explains Ugo Pellegrino, Sole Director of the Italian shipyard. “And now, as then, we will put all our energy, all our financial resources and all our character into dealing with the situation. The tranquility of our craftsmen is very important to us, as it will allow us to start out again together, with new enthusiasm”.

Beneteau Dealers Taking Action

In the last few weeks, there has been a slowdown worldwide. This has also been the case for Beneteau dealers who have scaled down business to protect their staff and customers. However, the World has not come to a complete halt. Although most of the Beneteau dealers worldwide are now closed to customers and suppliers, their staff is working behind the scenes to prepare a return to business. Of course, the scale of these actions varies, since the restrictions differ from country to country.

Cantiere Delle Marche Launch Floating Houses

CdM’s vision goes beyond designing and building beautiful yachts. We are aware that our planet's future is in our hands and we truly believe that each single person needs to be actively involved and assume their responsibility towards future generations. We really must move forward to brighter horizons. They indicate that the Kiribati islands are at the geographic antipodes of Italy yet our destinies are strictly connected. Straddling the equator and spread over 3.5 million square km (2 million square miles) of otherwise empty Pacific Ocean, Kiribati’s 32 atolls and one raised coral island have an average height above sea level of just two metres. The Kiribatis show us how fragile we are and how compelling is the need to find solutions to what we, as humans, caused to our planet.

Ferretti Group Starts Over with Production Bonus

Ferretti Group reopens all its shipyards located in: Ancona, Mondolfo, Cattolica, Forlì, La Spezia, Sarnico.  The resumption of the activity was made possible by the new regulations and the collaboration with local and national Institutions and Trade Unions, sanctioned by the protocol signed on 15 April. The protocol applies and strengthens the preventive measures established by law for all return to work, enhanced by voluntary measures adopted by the Group to strengthen the protection of its employees.  Ferretti Group will correspond to all its workers the productivity bonus together with the salary for the month of April, to which will be immediately added the 100 euro bonus provided for by Decree Law 18/2020 that the Company has decided to pay in advance to all its employees.  "Today is a good day for us to reopen our shipyards and reopen them safely, thanks to the commitment of many who care about Ferretti Group’s people. I would like to thank the Trade Unions, with whom we were among the first in Italy to develop a prevention protocol, and the Institutions, in particular the Prefectures, the President of the Emilia Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, together with the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Sen. Mario Turco, for how close they have been to the whole national boating industry in this complex period," commented Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. "The Ferretti Group is safely picking up where it left off: from the boats sold to be built and delivered and from the interest and trust of many shipowners around the world"

Formula Extend Stay at Home Order

In this time of uncertainty, Formula highest priority is the welfare of its customers, dealers and Formula Team members.  To comply with Indiana Governor Holcomb’s Stay-At-Home Order continuing through April 20th, the Formula Boats headquarters and manufacturing facility in Decatur, Indiana, will remain closed through April 10, 2020, with office staff working remotely. Formula will then assess which additional areas are essential to operation through the April 20th date.

Maritimo Ticket for the Carrans

New Zealanders Brian and Cath Carran, who took delivery of their Maritimo S70 motoryacht in 2017, have been living the dream on their boat, Waka Tete, and would not swap it 'for anything in the world'.  They have just returned from a six week sojourn to the Barrier, 40 nautical miles from their home port of Gulf Harbour, just north of Auckland.  The year before their summer expedition saw them travel to the Marlborough Sounds, at the top of New Zealand's South Island, then up over the North Island and down the west coast in December before travelling back up the east coast in late March.  "This year's expedition was amazing and the fishing was particularly good." said Brian. "In one week when we had three friends fly in we landed nine kingies and a couple of monster snapper in the four to five pound range."  "The weather was excellent for the whole trip."  He said during their six weeks away they that three groups of visitors fly in at various stages and join them on the boat. "The most we had onboard for a week was five, but we have had up to seven people living onboard at a time and the S70 has no problems handling that number," he said.  "The way that the spacious cockpit opens up to the galley and the lounge makes for easy movement and different entertainment options.  "With four cabins and four heads, one in the lazarette, there's plenty of accommodation and space."  Brian said that with refrigeration in the cockpit opening onto the swim platform deck the fish landed are on ice within minutes.  The Carran's S70 made the passage from the Gold Coast to Auckland in 100 hours and the skipper responsible for the delivery said the boat was one of the best performing vessels he had taken across the Tasman in 50 trips.  "The best thing about this boat is that we own it and it is very easy to handle despite its size," said Brian.  He said the lazarette was the 'perfect man shed' easily accommodating all tools, fishing and diving gear, watermaker, compressor and also the washing machine and dryer.  The Carran's undertook worldwide research visiting numerous major boat shows before settling on the Maritimo S70 and they say they 'would not swap her for any boat in the world'.  "She handles big seas easily, even though we don't go chasing them, and the after sales support and contact from the Maritimo team is reassuring and shows they really do care about their boats and their clients," he said.

Marlow Spring Rendezvous Postponed

Every year Marlow looks forward to its coming together and spending a wonderful 4 days with its Marlow Family. In view of the exceptional times we are all faced with, Marlow will be postponing this year's Spring Rendezvous.  Having spent the last year organizing and preparing for this event, Marlow are deeply saddened that they will not be able to host its family of owners and friends at this time. However, the health and safety of everyone involved in the event is of utmost importance.  At this time Marlow fully intend to move forward with rescheduling the 2020 Spring Rendezvous which will be announced at a later date.

Monte Carlo Yachts Ready to Restart

Over the years, Monte Carlo Yachts have developed a strong organizational culture that puts people at the heart of our operations. The health and safety of the workforce, as well as the awareness of the responsibility towards its employees, our customers and the entire community have always been our core values.  Today, as the world comes to terms with an unprecedented situation, these values are more important than ever. Never stopping its main activities, Monte Carlo Yachts have worked diligently to resume the totality of the production and to assure a corporate health coverage in case of disease due to Covid-19.  In these challenging times Monte Carlo Yachts is learning the value of being united and part of an influential and solid Group such as the Group Beneteau.

Riviera Propels Live and Careers of Apprentices

Over the past 20 years, Riviera has enhanced its award-winning apprenticeship training with its Propel program, which is designed to coach apprentices in more than just how to build world-class motor yachts. Propel helps apprentices develop life skills that can put them on the path to personal success.  Adam Houlahan, Riviera’s Training and Safety Manager, oversees the Propel program and, along with many of Riviera’s management team, understands the benefits intimately.  “As the program has been a part of Riviera’s work culture for the past 20 years, most of our middle-management team, some of them in the mid-30s and 40s now, have been through Propel,” said Mr Houlahan who is among the Propel alumni.  “Propel is an important aspect in establishing a culture of teamwork and quality within our organisation.  “I found that what I learned all those years ago has become increasingly more relevant now than when I started at Riviera at the age of 18.”  All 80 Riviera apprentices participate in Propel across the four years of their training, meeting once a month on Friday mornings at 6am. That means a session is held every week for the apprentices at each level.  The program covers up to 12 subjects a year designed to build confidence, team culture and leadership, while also giving apprentices essential skills such as setting goals for their career, relationship, finances and life generally.  “The two key areas we find that need to be addressed among young people is to give them clarity about what they want in life and how to control their destiny by taking action now, towards meeting their goals,” said Mr Houlahan.  “Learning to understand and then articulate what they want out of life is so important as it supports what they will learn about self-motivation, accountability and decision making.  “Everyone in our team supports the program and believes in its purpose, which is ultimately designed enrich our employees’ lives.”  Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst is particularly passionate about the Propel program and the personal success of each Riviera staff member. Mr Longhurst, who started his career as a cabinet maker through an apprenticeship, attends most sessions on Friday mornings in a hands-on approach that exemplifies his commitment to staff training and development.  “Propel plays a vital role in developing a productive team culture at Riviera, while also giving our apprentices the knowledge they need to get what they want out of their careers and life,” said Mr Longhurst.  “Guiding our young people on finding the right path is important in its own right and this can create so many opportunities for them.  “Our philosophy at Riviera is that in order to build world-class motor yachts, we need to have world-class people.  “We have the master craftsmen here to share their great knowledge and skills with our apprentices, but we also want to make sure that every apprentice is given all the skills in life, from their work, finances and their personal life, to propel themselves forward.”  Riviera apprentice Max Phillips sees the Propel program as helping him manage ‘adult life’.  “It’s teaching me things that I never learned in high school, such as how to save money, what to  save for and even how to set goals,” he said.  Apprentice Kial Lunden-Bingham is learning a great deal about keeping a positive mindset.  “Propel really opens your eyes to the real world and helps you stay focused and have clarity about what you want in life,” he said.  Mr Houlahan said the merits of the Propel program are self-evident in the personal and professional growth of apprentices.  “The early stages of the program concentrate on responsibility, being accountable, and the importance of being clear with communication, and this is an immediate positive result that we notice,” he said.  “Our people need to engage with a large team across the entire production process, from supervisors to Riviera dealer representatives. We are all internal clients whether you work in the lamination department, engineering or the waterfront, so clear communication, respect and a service mentality are vital.  “Propel is an important step for the personal growth of our team members and ultimately this benefits the entire Riviera Family through a deep ‘can do’ culture of quality and service.”

Riviera Launch Online Boat Show

As Riviera marks its 40th anniversary, Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder is launching its own Boat Show featuring a limited selection of new, state-of-the-art Riviera and Belize motor yachts that will be available for enjoyment in the near future. This Boat Show will inspire new owners to start thinking about the coming boating season and their future boating escapes.  It comes as Riviera is taking a steadfast approach in adhering to high standards governing the health and wellbeing of all of its team at the company’s Gold Coast facility in Australia.  Riviera dealer representatives in Australia, Japan and the United States East Coast, West Coast and Pacific Northwest are participating in this new Boat Show. Representatives are able to offer the opportunity for people to inspect a Riviera or Belize luxury motor yacht through a variety of options including a personal virtual tour via Face Time or Skype, email a video with commentary or in person if possible.  The move is in response to a desire from people to go boating as soon as they can and by expectant Riviera owners to ensure their new boat is delivered as soon as possible.  “At Riviera, we are seeing a real desire for family and friends wanting to get back on the water as soon as they can,” said Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst.  “Over the past few weeks, we have received calls from Europe, the Americas and Australasia from owners who currently have new boats in build with us. The consistent theme from these calls has been ‘please do all you can to deliver our new boat to us as soon as possible’.  “Our owners are telling us that they are keen to return to their much-loved boating way of life when they can.”  Anticipation is now growing for the world premiere planned for June of the Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht. Production is now well advanced and Riviera’s design team has excelled in optimising the onboard space of this new yacht, offering superior levels of design, innovation and luxury for true blue-water cruising and long-term liveability.  “There will be a series of exclusive inspections of the 64 SMY that prospective owners are now arranging with our dealer representatives planned for June and July,” said Mr Longhurst.  “The time ahead of us may be challenging, but I know that the wider Riviera family, including our team, contractors, suppliers, dealers and valued motor yacht owners, will endure.  Our representative network stands ready now to assist our owners and we trust that the Riviera family remain safe and calm and look out for each other. I take this opportunity to thank everyone all for their tremendous support. The Riviera family are all in our minds at this time. ”

Riviera Crosses Tasman Sea

In 1777, the naturalist William Anderson joined Captain James Cook’s third voyage of exploration aboard Resolution.  Wrote Anderson of the South Sea: “I cannot help indulging a reflection here on the dangerous situation we are constantly in from those foggs [sic], notwithstanding I have been almost in every perilous circumstance that can attend a discovering voyage…In the night and with these foggs [sic] who can discern the danger soon enough to avoid it!”  Strictly speaking, one does not ‘cruise’ the Tasman Sea, even today. Yet aboard an 72-foot ultra-luxury motor yacht, a passage over the ‘ditch’ is far less fearsome and far more enjoyable than Anderson could ever have imagined. Especially on Our Vibe, Joe and Cheryl Pengelly’s new and highly customised Riviera 72 Sports Motor Yacht. The New Zealand-based Brits went on a year-long global search for their dreamboat before they ended up back where they’d begun, with a Riviera. “This is our seventh boat, our last being a Riviera 61 Flybridge Series II,” says Joe. “I travelled everywhere, including boatyards in Taiwan and factories in the UK looking at any boat from 90 to 115 feet. It became apparent that Cheryl was nervous about having anything larger than 100 feet. And then Dean called.” Dean Horgan, Riviera’s dealer principal at R Marine Flagship in Auckland, suggested Joe and Cheryl pop over to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show to view the latest 72 Sports Motor Yacht.  “It has to be the highest specced Riviera on the market today and has a lot of advantages over the bigger boats, which appealed to us both. The engineering was very pleasing, it had all the latest technology, and great living spaces: alfresco areas between the galley and the transom, the foredeck living area, and a huge flybridge with a day bed rear deck and an aft helm.”  For Cheryl, a key criterion was to be able to run the boat alone with Joe, having crew only for passages. “I was a bit worried about being able to handle a boat especially as we get older. So, I was sold on the EJS joystick control – it’s so easy to manoeuvre. We had two extra stations fitted in the cockpit – port and starboard – so that coming alongside and tying up is easy with just the two of us. It’s a dream, even compared to the 61,” says Cheryl.  According to Dean, Joe’s research, combined with a marine engineering background and eight years in the merchant navy, helped him to take the significant decision to sign up then and there at the boat show. “Joe was very knowledgeable and decisive. He knew what he wanted and we worked together on a lot of customisation. It goes to show what can be achieved with passion and forethought.”  Know-how aside, it takes confidence and a certain joie de vivre to take on the Tasman with a luxury motor yacht fresh from the factory.  “It was a big decision to take a new boat and sail across the Tasman,” admits Joe. “I put a lot of effort into having it debugged.”  Cheryl with friend Tina for Tina’s maiden voyage as a deputy ‘galley rat’.  As part of their preparations, the Pengelly’s did a four-day cruise north from the Gold Coast to clock 70 engine hours before attempting the Tasman.  “I wanted to make sure I was comfortable, so one day we ran the boat in 40 knots of weather. I was blown away with the handling and it gave me all the confidence to go ahead with the trip.”  Having made prior passages through the Pacific on their first Riviera, Cheryl agrees planning is everything. “You absolutely have to be organised taking long passages. We flew in a week early and fully prepped the boat including forward cooking meals for the freezer. It’s best to make it as easy on yourself as you can.”  Our Vibe left the Gold Coast on 16 November with a crew of seven including Dean who doubled as a qualified skipper. Their navigational strategy went beyond a straight passage. Instead, they planned a 12-day fishing expedition that timed dawn arrivals at nature’s hot spots.  “It was designed to be more than just a passage whizzing across the Tasman. We left the Gold Coast to Middleton Reef first, arranging to arrive a 6am. We did a hot lap before cruising to fish Elizabeth Reef and from there an overnight steam to Lord Howe Island arriving early in the morning again,” says Joe.  Here they refuelled. For Joe, one of the key decision-making factors was the increased fuel capacity of the latest 72 Sports Motor Yacht. Joe elected to have long-range tanks totalling 10,500 litres.  “Actually, the boat performed beyond my expectation. Its fuel efficiency is remarkable. For example, the Riviera 61 at 8.5 knots burned over 40 litres an hour; the Riviera 72 at 8 knots burns around 25 litres an hour. So, it’s almost 50 per cent less, which is unbelievable. That’s the combination of the new hull design and the increased waterline length. Also, the MAN engines, it’s a much more modern engine.  “We covered 1,700 nautical miles in the trip, including three-and-a-half days of fishing and used around 10,000 litres. We could have made it across the Tasman without refuelling, but did anyway for insurance purposes.”  Joe, who was raised in a Cornish fishing village, says extending the waterline length works to increase efficiency. “It’s naval architecture. On entry, the hull is finer, sharper in the bow. It slices through the water and is a much smoother ride. As you come aft, she has shaft tunnels that also seem to improve efficiency.” In fact, the Riviera hull has been designed in partnership with Dutch naval architects, Mulder Design, and has been extensively tank-tested for offshore performance.  “It’s the best Riviera hull ever made to date,” attests Joe.  Southwest of Lord Howe, Our Vibe cut another lap around Ball’s Pyramid, named after the British commander who reported discovering it in 1788. A volcanic remnant, the rocky structure juts sharply out of the ocean 562 metres high, making it the tallest volcanic stack on earth. “A wonder of the world,” says Cheryl.  The high point of the trip though came another 450 nautical miles southeast of Lord Howe at the legendary Wanganella Banks: a series of underwater pinnacles spread over a 100 nautical mile area.  “The banks come up out of the ocean from about 2,000 metres to about 100 metres from the surface so there’s a huge upwelling of food and a great concentration of pelagic species. We landed three yellow-fin tuna, and busted off two monster ones,” says Joe.  More than just whizzing across the Tasman, the crew took 12 days to fish their way to NZ.  Cheryl’s baked lasagnes remained in the freezer on these days. “We didn’t have any particularly bad weather but we did have three-and-a-half-meter beam seas around the Wanganellas. Still we could enclose the alfresco areas with clears so we were completely weatherproof and comfy. We had all our meals out there,” says Cheryl.  A key customisation Joe insisted on was constructing Our Vibe with fin stabilisation. “The handling of the boat with the fins was just superior and even in that sea there were no real rolling issues. It’s an electrically-driven fin system produced by Humphrey – all computer-controlled in conjunction with trim tabs. The factory also accommodated me by including Furuno Electronics.”  Their last stop was Three Kings Islands just northwest of Cape Reinga, New Zealand. They landed a kingfish, two hapuka (grouper) and lost one to a giant mako shark.  “It left the head of the fish dangling on the line. It was frightening, over 15 feet long. Of all our fishing days, this one was the most full-on.”  Today back in their homeport of Auckland, Joe says they’ll be off again to the Wanganella’s in May, perhaps on the way to New Caledonia. Cheryl is bemused. “That’s the first I’ve heard of that. I thought we were going to Norfolk Island!”  Joe laughs. “As long as we have our health our plan is keep cruising offshore once a year. And wherever we go, we’ve got plenty of space on the boat for the five grand kids our two children have kindly produced.”

Rosetti Strengthens Team
Rosetti announces a new organizational structure with the appointment of Ermanno Bellettini as CEO. Employee at Rosetti Marino Group since 1998, he has been working as Vice President of Rosetti Superyachts since the beginning of the project.  At the same time, Fulvio Dodich steps in the role of President of Rosetti Superyachts in order to consolidate the company's growth strategy, while Andrea Giora remains in charge of the Sales Department.  "We thought it was time to officially introduce Ermanno to the team. He’s been working for the company since its foundation and he shares our objectives and strategy. We need to achieve great goals and to be proactive in an already very competitive market. In order to do this, we have to strengthen the team. Ermanno, Andrea and I will continue to pursue the challenges that Rosetti Superyachts faces every day to guarantee our customers the best products and services," said Fulvio Dodich.  "Leading a company is a great responsibility and I take on this delicate role with satisfaction as it increases my presence in the team. From the very beginning I believed in Rosetti Superyachts that actively involved me both personally and as a manager of Rosetti Marino, where I was involved in strategic projects for over 20 years. I believe that the synergy between us will exponentially enhance all our future projects," commented Ermanno Bellettini.

Viking Purposely Build

Yachts Only did a little walk and talk with our Viking President and CEO Patrick Healey aboard the 38 Open Billfish. Filmed at last September's Media Day in Atlantic City, the video features Pat giving a personal tour of the attributes of the 38 as well as the behind-the-scenes theory of the design and philosophy of the boat.

Viking Protecting People

The Viking Yacht Company has launched a medical face shield manufacturing project to help address the crucial need for medical equipment and PPE in the healthcare community during the Coronavirus pandemic.  "We realize the tremendous sacrifices being made by the medical field as they battle the Coronavirus," said Viking Executive Vice President Drew Davala. "We're simply doing our part to help these heroes in any way we can. We have tremendous resources and technology, and incredible people to support the cause."  Even before engaging in PPE production, Viking donated nearly 3,000 N95 respirator masks and 100 Tyvek suits, boots and hoods to regional medical facilities. As the number of cases across the country and in New Jersey continued to climb over the past month, Drew along with the Viking Group's Executive Co-Chairman Bob Healey Jr. and Director of Special Projects Robert Sherriff wanted to do even more to help healthcare facilities. They also saw an opportunity to increase Viking's own PPE levels for its workforce.  The Design & Engineering Department, using its 3D printing machine, expects to fabricate more than 1,000 face shield kits. The shields keep medical personnel safe by protecting their eyes and also extending the life of the N95 respirator masks. The Viking Design and Engineering Department has modified and optimized an approved design for face shield "halos," which are the plastic head frames that hold the face coverings.  Viking intends to make the design and supporting information available to any company or individual with 3D printing capabilities. "This was an idea that was intended to be shared around the country and the world," said Bill Hall, Viking Manager of New Product Development

Wajer Amsterdam Hub Fully Operational

Wajer Yachts operates service hubs for on-site yacht management worldwide. A Wajer service hub is the place to be for owners in their own sailing area, where they can rely on maintenance, technical support and cleaning, captain and crew services and for booking a charter. As of late, we’ve added a new location: Amsterdam. Now also available in the Netherlands for all above mentioned services. At the moment we’re counting 12 Wajers in this new hub. Unfortunately Wajer had to postpone the festivities for opening this brand-new hub, due to COVID-19 measures.

Yachting Developments Opens After Lockdown
It has been an interesting time dealing with business operations here in New Zealand under Covid-19 Alert Level 4. Today marked the official return to work for Yachting Developments under the country's new Level 3 status which came into play today after nearly five weeks of Level 4's total country-wide lockdown for all but essential business. To meet the stringent requirements for safe work we have chosen to scale our workforce's return to work. This allows us to get organised to have the whole team at the yard over the next two weeks. We are pleased to report that there is plenty of work ahead and we are busy with the refit on the Tripp 88 Black Pearl, finishing service work on a Volvo 65 and we are looking forward to Level 2 when we can launch the first 9m AC9F Youth America’s Cup boat for testing. We can also announce the safe delivery of 33m Al Duhail to her home port following her February launch. Our Upholstery department and 3D printing facilities will be back up and running and from 12 May 2020 and will have the capacity to expand to new projects and jobs. Like all businesses returning to work under the Covid-19 Level 3 status, our staff will be practicing safe distancing within our workplace and we will expect the same from people that come on site. There will be restrictions on movements within our site, while entry to buildings/offices will only be permitted to Yachting Developments staff members and approved accredited contractors.  Our usual delivery acceptance systems will be unaffected but we will be enforcing strict contactless procedures for all our transactions. Please do not be offended if we ask to record your full contact details for tracking in the unlikely event that this is required. All deliveries and pickups must involve safe distancing. We have a designated area for deliveries at our stores door, at the south eastern side of the building.  We kindly ask for no sales reps to visit the site until the country has transitioned to Alert Level 2, but please do contact us via telephone as we want to maintain our relationships with your business.  I hope everyone has stayed safe and well through the lock down period and I look forward to seeing you on the water soon.

Zeelander Confirms Good Sales in First 2020 Quarter

Zeelander Yachts has announced its sales figures for Q1 of 2020 and, despite the current uncertainty in the world’s economy, the established Dutch yard has revealed a 30% increase in sales over the same period in 2019, which was also considered an excellent three months commercially. “In 2019, we had very good numbers in terms of launches and production,” comments Sietse Koopmans, Founder and Chairman of Zeelander Yachts. “The world premiere of our flagship Z72 yacht and opening of our North American department were true highlights of the year.”  More than half of the current production at the shipyard is represented by the 22-meter Z72 and there are numerous Z55 yachts under construction. The majority of Zeelander’s current orders originate from the US but there have been several new sales to European clients over the last few months.  Thanks to these positive results, Zeelander Yachts plans to increase the current shipyard territory and production volume.  “We are developing ideas to expand the range, so stay tuned for more details,” disclosed Sietse Koopmans.  After confirming its strong order book details, the shipyard will deliver a new Z55 yacht for a client in Florida; with a smart, sophisticated design and hard-edged look offset by the builder’s signature curves, the 17-meter model is an iconic sport cruiser from Zeelander. “The boat is ready for delivery, and she is just waiting to be shipped to the US where our very excited client is looking forward to receiving her,” said Koopmans.  Zeelander Yachts opened its US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida earlier this year. The company’s North American department has several boats available.  The Florida unit’s hybrid service center includes two full-time staff members dedicated to customer service needs, warranty issues, and guidance on best practices for the cleaning and maintenance of yachts.

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