April 23, 2020

Project: Cayman 400 WA

Cayman present the project for a new 400 WA model, a center console with fore to aft deck space.  The Cayman 400 WA continues the collaboration with Ferragni Progetti, which started with the F920 flagship launched in 2018, and was followed with F520 launched in 2019, and the S520 currently in construction for 2020.  For those who know Cayman will know that this is not the first time the WA for walk-around acronym is used, as the company did use it in most of its sport cruiser and yacht models from the mid late nineties up to 2005.  Fair to say these models where different to the new 400 WA as these sport cruisers and yachts where most inspired to an American sportfish design with walk-around designation used for the all around deep safe side deck which they featured.  So far we have very little information on the 400 WA, besides the above design rendering which give a good idea how the main deck layout will be.  An outboard version with triple outboards hidden under the sun-pad will be made, while I imagine diesel inboards with stern drives and IPS pod drives choice. 

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