May 1, 2020

blogger - Living With Covid-19

Now that we are in May many countries seem to have overcame the height of the curve of the CoronaVirus pandemic, and are starting to open some of the commercial activities to what is called the phase two.  Some countries have started phase two while others are still preparing for it.
Covid-19 phase two is all about being cautious, and allowing a restricted liberty.  The truth is that we have not won Covid-19, but have a way to control the spread of this deadly virus, and are learning how to live with it.  So it will be not be back to normality like January 2020 yet.
For some boaters from Britain, Northern European, and America with the boat away in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean they will still have a way to go, as I do think that air traffic between countries but even in the same region might be one of the last things which takes off. 
For 2020 I think we have to learn how to live with Covid-19, so even boating will be a very restricted hobby.  How restricted will be different from one state to another, with borders in between countries so far looking to be closed at least till mid Summer.  If the curve will be diminished even further we might see some of these restrictions reduced in boating, considering that it is not a mass tourism activity.

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