April 5, 2020

Web: Heesen New Web Site

Heesen presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  The story of Heesen starts in 1978 when Frans Heesen buys a shipyard in Oss Harbor.  A year later to this in 1979 Heesen delivers its first super yacht the 28 meter M/Y Amigo sold to a Dutch businessman and able to accommodate ten guests and reach a speed of 26 knots.  With this first super yacht the Dutch Heesen focus is decided and that is to build custom super yachts.  The builds continue to come from Heesen over the years with some of them being rather outstanding, record breaking, and innovative! In 1988 Heesen launches M/Y Octopussy a 38 meter alloy super yacht which breaks the fifty knots top speed barrier, at the time the fastest super yacht in the World.  Eight years later to this in 1996 Heesen breaks another record and launches the largest sport fish of the time M/Y Obsessions a 38 meter Super Sportfish yacht build of alloy.  As a custom super yacht builder Heesen has always been building larger yachts since its founding, in 1990 it launched M/Y L'Aquasition at 44 meter breaking the forty meter barrier for the Dutch builder.  This is followed in 1992 with M/Y Achiever which enters Heesen into fifty meters and steel hull construction.  Size barriers are broken again with the 65m Galactica Star in 2013 and then again in 2016 with Galactica Super Nova, this last being so far the largest Heesen ever build.  Heesen has over the years also created successful semi custom platforms and two of these series deserve an important mention as the ten hulls of the 37 meter class, and the nine hulls of the 47 meter class.  Heesen pursuit for innovation never stopped and in 2013 the at the time largest build for the builder M/Y Galactica Star featured the innovative Fast Displacement hull form which allow for maximum speeds up to 28 knots.  This is again followed in 2014 with M/Y Alive a 42 meter super yacht which harness kinetic energy thanks to the Vane hull.  Heesen has over the years also won 37 accolades; which started in 1991 44m M/Y Acquasition winning Superyacht of the Year by Superyacht Society, and the last one being awarded to M/Y Home for Best Ecological Design and Operation Innovation.  Heesen currently offers two line of super yachts; Platform Concept, and Pure Custom.  Heesen currently offers nine projects which start from the 4200 Aluminium FDHF, and goes up to an 83m Steel Project Maximus custom build.  Heesen new website takes you around with the following buttons; Available Yachts, Our Story, Platform Concept, Fleet, Pure Custom, Media, ownership, and Careers at Heesen.  Heesen is also present in social media with button links for its Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube pages.

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