April 9, 2020

Tullio Abbate 1944 - 2020

Tullio Abbate founder of the same boat building name and famous powerboat racer for both inshore and offshore races passed to the better World this morning ninth April at ten o'clock, 2020.  Aged 75 Tullio Abbate was hospitalized at San Raffaele hospital in Milan since Saturday due to Covid-19 complications, and  lost the battle with the deadly virus this morning.  Tullio Abbate founded his boat yard on Lake Como in 1969, in-front of his father Guido, Abbate premises.  The Abbate family name has been building boats since 1873, and eventually the company splits in two separate names with Tullio and Bruno in the mid late seventies.  As a boat builder Tullio has build over eight thousand boats in over fifty years from smaller five meters speed boats, up to ninety feet plus sport yachts.  As a racer Tullio was a competitor and winner in both inshore and offshore races with his biggest success coming at the legendary One Hundred miles Centomiglia Lario race which he won eleven times with a self built boat.  Tullio Abbate was loved and respected by celebrities with various sport and Formula One racers not only becoming his customers over the years but also friends.  Tullio was one of the few who still followed the Italian power-boating tradition of putting high performance car engines from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche into powerboats.  Tullio Abbate leaves behind his wife and five children.

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