April 1, 2020

blogger - Corona Virus Meltdown

Last month I wrote a blogger about Corona Virus and its implications, and just a month later I have to return to talk about this unprecedented disease, which is putting the World and the global economy down to its knees and into a depression.  A storm which we have never seen before.  A storm which involves an invisible enemy, attacking mostly those in a weaker health situation and slows down the economic wheel to unseen previous levels.
The implications of Corona Virus since last month have not doubled but quadrupled, and we are seeing not only boat shows cancelled, as I am writing this Australia's largest boat show of Sydney held in end July beginning August, and the first round of the Americas Cup series held in Caliari. Sardinia are both cancelled, but also other popular important sporting events as the Olympics and European football soccer championship are postponed for 2021. 
Fortunately as we people of the sea know the storm will be over at some point.  When?  No one knows, as yet, at the moment we have to navigate it and minimize damage with social distancing.  
After the storm is over I hope the respective countries economy do take care of the boating community, and that not as happened in the past we leave it to adjust itself.  The boating community from the users to those working in the industry will deserve a helping hand just as other industries get, and this message is not only for countries where pleasure boating is an industry, but where it is used as a pleasure too.  The nautical business community of boaters and service providers create an interesting economy, and many people make a living directly from the boating World.  Lets hope that the governments do not forget this.

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