August 13, 2019

Out-News = Explorer Cruiser Hits Reef in Tavolara Sardinia

On the evening on Friday, thirtieth August a fourteen meter explorer cruiser with German flag hit a reef near the Island of Tavolara, Olbia in the North East part of Sardinia.  The exact position of the accident happened in between Don Diego point and Red Islet.  Immediately the Italian Coast Guard of Olbia dispatched one of its vessels to assist in the matter.  Of the seven crew on-board none suffered injuries and where transported on land by another pleasure boat.  The Olbia Coast Guard also made sure of the safety of the Explorer Cruiser and guaranteed that no oil was dropped and no damage to the environment took place.  The fourteen meter motor cruiser was later on removed from the area and taken to a boat yard for repairs.  
Tavolara area in Sardinia is one of those zones where it seems every year we hear of a boat hitting a reef.  In this case seeing the anchor chain it seems the fourteen meter explorer cruiser might also have drifted, and reports also said that the boat actually ended in a protected area where it is not allowed to anchor or navigate.  This boat seems to escape me, the construction is wood and the design looks a bit Spanish possibly eighties and or nineties.  Anyways those who know something please leave a comment below.

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