August 13, 2019

Out-News = Magnum Lost to Fire in Porto Ercole

A Magnum is like a unique peace, so when a 45 gets a fire, then lost and sank it is always a bad news.  This Magnum 45 went ablaze on thirteen August when cruising some one nautical mile away from the coast around Punto Avoltore, to the South West of Porto Ercole.  All the persons on-board have been saved, but unfortunately the Magnum 45 did not make it and succumbed to the fire and then ultimately sank in sixty meters of deep sea water.
The Magnum 45 was a success for the famed USA boat builder founded by Don Aronow in 1966.  The Magnum 45 is the second model to come from the Filippo Thoedoli reign which started in 1976 and brought so much uniqueness and success to the brand, and invented the Sport Yacht with the Maltese 53 in 1977 the first model of his era.  Over forty Magnum 45 have been build, standard powered by twin GM 650hp and or optional 735hp units.  A Sport surface drive version was also available.  The Magnum 45 featured interior of a single cabin and optional two cabins version with bunk second guest cabin.  Hull design was by the usual duo of Jim Wynn and Walt Walters, designers of all Magnum up until the nineties, with the exception of the 28.  Wynn and Walters in the Magnums always opted for a very deep Vee bell shaped hull which entered very deep at about fifty degrees and closed at 24 degrees dead-rise aft.  The Magnum 45 was replaced by the slightly bigger 50 Bestia in 1995. 

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