August 14, 2019

Out-News = Canados Super Yacht Thriller in Ponza

A Canados 27 meter super yacht with Dutch flag had an incredible Summer 2019 story in the Ponza archipelago full of thrill and drama, which started in early July with engine problems near the island of Palmarola.  After a few days then it was again that this Canados hit the Zirri reef in Ponza damaging the hull and rescued by the DMD salvage squad which patrols the island.  After this the Canados yacht was taken for repairs in a yard in Ponza which when completed, and at the moment of payment the captain showing himself as owner of the Canados, a 42 year old business man from Rome, who works in between the Italian capital city and Livorno.  Unfortunately the payments left to the shipyard resulted to be false, as was a Rolex left as guarantee.  But this was not the end, as this Canados yacht again hit a reef in Ponza with bigger damage on 11 August at 1100 hours, and was again rescued by the DMD squad.  After the save the captain somehow disappeared from Ponza, taking the first fast ferry and then being spotted in the Marina of Pisa.  After all this the Italian police force investigating the matter, found the real owner of the Canados yacht who is a 63 year businessman from Milan who deciding to sell the super yacht allowed a three day sea trial to the Rome buyer, who after this special allowance escaped with the yacht.  The real owner of the Canados has since then according to reports settled the pending payments.
This Canados is an 88 model, custom build to order super yacht built of wood, in late eighties up until the early nineties.  It featured an interior of four double guest cabins and four bathrooms, and is powered by twin GM of 1440hp engines which allowed for cruise speeds of twenty knots and top speeds of just over 25.  Two Canados 88 have been build with the model being an evolution of the 85 delivered in six units.

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