August 21, 2019

Motor Yacht Crashes Into Tourist Ferry in Salina

On twentieth August in the morning at about 11:30 hours a tourist ferry of the Sicily Tour company departing from Capo D'Orlando with some 350 passengers crashed into a motor yacht, in the vicinity of Salina island in the Eolian islands archipelago.  The accident left five persons injured of which one in grievous condition, who was helicoptered to a hospital in Messina.  The motor yacht passengers suffered no injuries, besides a shock for the crash which left a signature hole damage in the port side of the bow.  The passenger ferry suffered also important damage to its starboard side The motor yacht was later transferred to Lipari harbor, while the passenger ferry was directed to the Santa Marina harbor in Salina.  At the base of investigation is a right of way which according to initial data was not given to the motor yacht.
The motor yacht looks a wooden construction possibly a Canados or similar of about eighteen meters in length build in around the 1980's.  If someone knows more we can report accordingly.

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