August 11, 2019

Riva lost to fire in Porto Cervo

A 21 meter Riva motor yacht was lost to fire in front of Porto Cervo on the evening of eleventh August, fortunately with no consequences to the eight passengers on-board.  The Riva Dolce Vita and the eight persons aboard; husband and wife, five kids and the yacht captain where having a day of relax in a bay located in close proximity to the famous Porto Cervo yacht marina.  The fire was noted when re-entry to harbor was being prepared and the main engines did not start.  A check in the engine room resulted in a fire already ablaze.  The eight passengers where saved by a nearby super yacht of thirty meters.  The fire could still be seen in the late evening around all the Orange Gulf area, that is until 2100 hours when the motor yacht then sank in fifty meters of deep sea water.
This Riva is a 21 Dolce Vita model, produced from 1997 till 2004, and comes from a design of Mauro Micheli of Officina Italiana design.  Over twenty units have been build of this motor yacht which usually stands out from other similar sized motor yachts, not only for it's Riva pedigree but for its sporty low profile flybridge.

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