August 1, 2019

To Charter or Not

July and August always mark the most busy time of the season, with everyone trying to find the time to enjoy a boat as much he can.  The owners who are paying bills all year round are trying to cash on the experience and cover some expenses, while those who got the boat bug in the Winter will try to charter it out, to feel the experience.  If the experience is right many times and after a few charters this ends up in a purchase.  
The charter offer has truly expanded in recent years what was up until a few years ago a market reserved for mostly twenty meter plus size and a charter time of about a week, now is a market offering all size and ranges and type of boats and daily charters in the hot cruising grounds has increased not by little.  While charter can be good to make return to some of the expenses a boat has, it is a catch to it.  
A charter boat will always has a stamp to it making it lose value in the used brokerage boat market, and the worst catch of it all is that many owners turn it fully into a business.  Meaning that the boat private use is finished and it becomes a full business venture.  Nothing wrong with this if it was one's plan all along, but if it was not think about it carefully before venturing into charter. 

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