August 10, 2019

Out-News = Super Yacht Crashes into Wharf

On the Saturday evening of ten August, super yacht Moatize smashed into Cairns Marina, in Queensland, Australia while attempting to moor.  The super yacht crashed into the trawler converted floating restaurant Prawn Star Cairns, which at the time was at the full sixty person capacity.  No one of the persons got injured, but some small boats to port side of Moatize did suffer an early demise. The captain of Moatize later reported that in doing a tight turn in entering the marina the starboard engine gear engagement got stuck in a forward position.  The floating restaurant Prawn Star Cairns had to close its doors due to the damage to its berthing pontoon, but the restaurant manager said re-opening should happen in a very short time.
Moatize is 45.6 meter super yacht build by British Pendennis in 1999 in aluminium, to an exterior design of Dubois and interiors by Redman Whiteley.  Pendennis 45.6 meter can accommodate up to twelve guests and is powered by twin 960hp Cats engines, which give her a top speed of fifteen knots and a cruise of thirteen, with a maximum cruising range up to six thousand nautical miles.

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