September 15, 2012

Web: Nord West New Web Site

Nord West from Sweden presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  The current Nord West story starts in 1985 when Benny Martinsson sets his own shop after coming from a previous ten years carrier, working with other boat builders. After doing a lot of sub contracting work Benny Martinsson decides its time to start building his own boats and he buys the Nord West brand from Norway including two models, a 900 and 1100.  These models will be improved by Benny himself and will later be joined by two other models; the 1000 and 380 Trawler.  In 1996 a huge set back occurs to Nord West when the factory in Orust burns to the ground.  Contrary to normality this set back also creates expansion for Benny Martinsson and Nord West as he buys the Vindo shipyard, and sets up a project to improve and expand the range.   The Vindo shipyard in Orust is today regarded among the most advanced in Sweden.  In 2000 Nord West launches the innovative Nord West 390 who in its premiere launch in Stockholm won Boat of the Show.  This model will be the inspiration for the future of Nord West who does it again in 2007, launching its most successful 420 Flybridge which since then has sold to over one hundred units in its first three years of production, and received the title of Motor Boat of the Year twice, in 2007 and 2008.  A year later to the 420 presentation Nord West launches the 370, first in the Coupe and Flybridge variants, and in 2008 as Sport and Sportstop models.  The Nord West 370 will win a list of awards; Scandinavian Boat Innovation Award in Stockholm, Boat of the Year in England, European Powerboat of the Year and Motorboat of the Fair in Finland.  In August 2009 Nord West opened its brand new showroom in Orust, a live set up where new and refurbished used boats are sold all year round.  Nord West latest model has been the new 430 Sport and Sportstop presented in 2011 and sold in over thirty units.  In that same year Nord West has also acquired sailing boat builder Najad founded in the late sixties by Berndt and since then building over two thousand boats.  Nord West current range features eight models from the 370 Sport to the 560 Flybridge.  Nord West new web site is available in English, Swedish, Italian, and Chinese language and takes you around with the following buttons; Motorboats, Sailing Yachts Najad, Company, For Sale, Enjoy Boating, and Webshop.  The new Nord West site also features direct link to the company official social networks hubs; Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.    

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