September 8, 2012

Web: Calafuria New Web Site

Calafuria from Italy presents its new web showroom.  Calafuria is a known house hold name in Italy, as this company was actually very much responsible for the modernization of the Italian 'Gozzo' fishing boat.  Vincenzo Catarsi founder of the yard actually started the development of the planning Italian Gozzo.  Calafuria was acquired by Nautica Po in 1999, and since then has consolidated the brand.  The yard also goes into detail in some pages how the boats it builds are much more superior to the conformity of the CE rules.  Calafuria current range features six models from the entry level 19 to the 36, with the latest being the new 25 Big Game/Fish. Calafuria new web site is available only in Italian and takes you around with the following buttons; Yard, Infusion moulding, Boats, How To Reach, Used, New Models, and Contacts.

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