September 12, 2012

Propulsion: Reintjes Fortjes 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000

Reintjes from Germany has come with a new innovative pod drive drive system suitable for yachts from fifteen up to 36 meters in length. The Fortjes drive system consists of an upper reversing gearbox, a foundation plate and a non steerable pod with two counter-rotating propellers. Ideal flow conditions are achieved by means of an asymmetrical shaft. This effect is enhanced even further by two counter-rotating propellers. This not only results in considerably reduced cavitation but also in an almost irrational flow at the rudder blade, which makes the drives far more efficient and wear-resistant than other system types. The fixed-pod design, as opposed to steerable pods, has a positive effect on the sailing stability. In practice, this becomes obvious instantaneously. Also in challenging power ranges, the yacht can be safely handled and precisely manoeuvred, which makes the boating experience even more enjoyable and increases the comfort. With its extremely compact design Fortjes not only contributes to a considerable weight reduction, but also saves a lot of space: a drive system with a 5000 series, as compared to a conventional fixed-propeller drive with a propulsive power of 2600hp, needs two meters less installation space and provides the designer with additional room for individual configurations. The Reintjes Fortjes system also offers advantages to shipyards: All components can quickly and easily be integrated into the ship’s hull within just four hours.  Here the specially developed installation system plays a crucial role. It takes up the gearbox in the engine room and, below the waterline, forms the basis for mounting the pod. After the foundation plate has been built into the hull, the gearbox and the pod can be connected with each other. The installation costs of this drive train are considerably lower. An important note is that the Fortjes drive system has been designed for use in different hull forms and is compatible with all customary engines.  Yachts with a Fortjes drive can be traditionally steered using a steering gear and engine control or, optionally and very elegantly, via a joystick. All steering and control functions, including those for bow thrusters and stern thrusters, can be integrated in one control system.  The German Reintjes Fortjes is available so far in five versions; 1000 up to 670hp, 2000 up to 938hp, 3000 up to 1200hp, 4000 up to 2000hp, and 5000 up to 2600hp.  There is also at works the smi custom 6000 unit which can be available for larger horsepower engine. 

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