September 5, 2012

Projects: Bavaria 44 SportHT, Bavaria 44 Sport, Bavaria 35 SportHT, Bavaria 35 Sport, Bavaria 32 Sport, Bavaria 29 Sport

Bavaria is revisiting all its power line with a new collection. Sport 28, 31, 34, 43 will be replaced by the new 29, 32, 35, and 44.  The new developments of these changes started with the change of the 38 which became the 39 at the beginning of this year in Dusseldorf.  Now these changes of a more cosmetic nature, will be passed to all models.  A choice of an up and down hydraulic platform to aft, a rare to find item on stern drive powered boat should also be available on the larger models.  The 35 models upwards will also include a large hull window as standard, another feature presented for the first time on the 39.  Designed in collaboration with BMWGroup Designworks this new Bavaria series has been very much appreciated, and now these new changes should also get the attention of more boaters. 

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