September 18, 2012

Project: Princess V48

Quick as thunder comes Princess response to the other British builder new fourteen meter offering, and this is the project for a 2013 scheduled V48.  Considering again how much the V42 Mk.3 and V45 are targeting the same customer I actually think that Princess are quite late here, and it is obvious that this model has been in development in Plymouth for quite some time.  The Princess V48 sees the World renowned British builder first use of the 2005 presented Volvo IPS pods.  Conservative looks and new technology usage some might say.  Unlike the other new offer from the competition the Princess V48 will features a more all year round use enclosed main deck thanks to a three part patio door. As is custom this can open all enclose the central part of the main deck, which with the hard top open can make the V48 become very open.  Down below the V48 offers two cabins, with full beam owners room, and L-shaped galley  saloon settee opposite in between.  Think Princess will loose some customers if three cabins are not offered, although I think they did this on purpose as this model will then offer competition to the current V52. We will see if this will be offered at a later stage. Power is Volvo 435hp IPS pods combination with high positive estimates of a 34 knots max speeds 

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