January 3, 2011

Web: Benetti New Web Site

Renowned status symbol super yacht builder Benetti updates its web virtual showroom to a new platform. Benetti was founded in 1873 by Lorenzo who acquired a Darsena Boatyard near Lucca. He managed the yard for forty years till 1914 when after Lorenzo's death, Gino and Emilio renamed the business as Frattelli Benetti. 1927 sees more of the Benetti family getting involved in the business with Giuseppe and Virgilio Gino's two sons succeeding him, while Maurizio and Bertani, Emilio heirs also join the company. 1941 is an important date for Benetti with the company launching Maria the first diesel powered steel hulled ship. In 1954 the yard is split into two parts; Fratelli Benetti concentrating on sailing and motor boats, and M & B Benetti yard which is dedicated to commercial vessels. 1963 sees Emilio's nephew Giuseppe take the helm helped by his son Lorenzo who will be an important figure to create the Benetti yachting heritage. In 1978 Benetti launches Vanina designed by American architect Kauffmann to win the Admirals cup. This launch is followed a year later by the largest Benetti in length to ever touch the water the 86 metres Nabila designed by Jon Banenberg for owner Adrian Kashoggi. After a couple difficult years Benetti is acquired in 1985 by Azimut chairman Paolo Vitelli, who two years after this launches the steel built Rima to a design of Terrence Disdale. In 1988 a big feat surrounds Benetti with the building of the 27 meter Azimut Atlantic Challenger, which makes a failed attempt to win the Blue Ribbon for the fastest Atlantic Crossing. After this Benetti makes it progress with the launching of the 45 meter Ambrosia designed by Zuretti and Natucci, with the same duo following this a year later for the first 50 meters Golden Bay series. 1998 sees an important strategic move with the partial purchase of the Moschini yard fully completed in 2002, and the launching of the first fiberglass built Benetti 35 metre Classic. More semi custom fiberglass follow the 35 Classic, 2003 30M Tradition, 120 Classic in 2004, and in 2005 the Benetti 24 Legend project is presented. Year 2000 represents an important launch of the 70 meter Reverie in 2000, the second largest Benetti ever built. Benetti's current range is divided into two ranges; Class and Custom. The semi custom Class launched in 2009 offers seven models starting with the 93 Delfino, up to the 164 Vision Supreme. The Custom range can build from 43 meters up to 70 meters, and current New Proposals are six models which start from the alloy constructed 47 Imagination, to a 68M steel super yacht. Benetti new web virtual showroom is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Brand, Yachts, Events & Media, Captain's Bridge, and Owners Lounge.

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