January 26, 2011

Projects: Linssen 450 Range Cruiser Sedan Wheelhouse, Linssen 450 Range Cruiser Sedan Variotop

After presenting the 430 model a few days ago, Linssen presents the project of lightly larger 450 Range Cruiser. The Range Cruiser is a new line from Linssen and the first model is presented in Dusseldorf this week. Pictured above is the next step of this new range from Linseen, the 450 Range Cruiser Sedan version, which is similar to the 430 in many aspects, accept for it offering a bit of more space in every area, and a two head option in the second layout choice version. The lower saloon also offers a C-shaped dinette, and an L-shaped galley. Owners room is to fore ship. Power choices is a single 150hp, or twin 120hp Steyr engines. Propulsion is line shaft with a protected propeller casing. The 450 Range Cruiser Sedan Variotop will be the fourth model of this new line from Linssen with two distinctive but very similar hulls which differ in size by only two feet. The 450 Range Cruiser Sedan Variotop keeps all the same characteristics as the Wheelhouse version, but has a convertible saloon on the main deck, this giving the opportunity to enjoy the sun. Down below it offers the same options of a two cabins layout, with a choice of a one or two shower heads.

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