January 19, 2011

New Model: Tryvia 1300 GT Hardtop

In the recent years we have seen many builders from the large corporations to the small family owned companies trying to re-invent the wheel of a motor boat. That means presenting a new hull design which offers a hybrid way, joining displacement and planning characteristics of going onto the water. Tryvia with the new 1300 GT Hardtop present the first planning steel build motor boat. A Dutch family owned company, Tryvia builds about five boats per year, and the new 1300 GT Hardtop patented Speed Technology hull, is the result of four years of testing using two prototype models to produce the first planning steel built motor boat. Basically the 1300 GT Hardtop while not being a speed demon is able to cruise faster then other steel build similar cruisers and yachts, and can go even upstream in greater safety against a river tide. Inside the 1300 GT Hardtop will have an owners room to fore peak, and a convertible saloon in the living main deck. Power is a single economic to run and service Steyr 280hp engine.
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.45 m (44.1ft)
Beam - 4.10 m
Draft - 1.10 m
Displacement - 11000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 720 l
Water Capacity - 608 l
Accommodation - 2 + 2 berths
Engine - 1 x Steyr 280hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Hull Shape - Tryvia Speed Technology patented hull
Construction - steel, aluminium hardtop
Certification - CE B

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