December 10, 2010

Web: Linssen Yachts New Web Site

Netherlands's Linssen Yachts presents its new world web virtual showroom. Founded in 1949 by Jac Linssen in Maasbracht who at the time was flourishing with over two hundred war damaged vessels awaiting for repairs. Linssen Senior at the time just finished his training as a shipwright specialized in wood machining which started his first works doing prefabricated teak made wheelhouses, doors, and later to wheels. But as ship business increased, the company required a metal working department, and this line in the business which started as repair facility was the launch of the first Linssen Vletten boats being built; rowing, work, and small flat bottomed all built of steel, a material which will characterized Linssen future onwards from there. The first yacht for Linssen was based on the Vlet, added with a handsome super structure and luxurious fit out. In the seventies Jos Linssen started the second generation of the company, and this marked the registration of Linssen Yachts BV, which was followed very shortly with the launch of the St.Jozef Vletten. the model which inspired today Sturdy models. The eighties also saw the development of other models the SL, SE, and SX series, and in 1995 the first Sturdy designed with Dick Lefeber was launched. Today Linssen has two ranges the Grand Sturdy, and Range Cruiser series which total sixteen models starting from the 25.9 Grand Sturdy, and go to the current 500 Grand Sturdy Variotop Mark II flagship. Linssen new virtual showroom is available in English, Dutch, German, and French languages, and takes you around with the following buttons: Home, Company, New Boats, Used Boats, Sales Representative, and Contacts.

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