December 18, 2010

Project: Moonen 82 Alu

Moonen Shipyards in the Netherlands announce the order for a new 25 metre fast hull, aluminium built super yacht, the 82 Alu. This new Moonen will be capable of reaching 25 knots and have an exceptional range for a fast yacht, being able to cruise much further than vessels of an equivalent size and speed. The fleet of high speed Moonen's has been growing in recent years, with several custom built all aluminium yachts. It was the vision of Moonen to create an aluminium range of yachts called the Alu-series which started with the 94 Alu. As any new Moonen the 82 Alu follows interest and order from a customer. The Moonen 82 Alu will combine a high degree of displacement comfort with an option to go at 25 knots. As the owners are also looking for low fuel consumption, the hull needs to be very efficient at low speeds. The design for the hull is the subject of extensive research work, including line models. A stringent testing programme is also underway as the yard gears up to start building this exciting new project. Launching is scheduled for 2012.

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