December 21, 2010

Improve-it = Azimut 62S

Azimut present an improved important world first, using the ZF4000 pod propulsion on its 62S model. This is the third improvement to the 2005 launched 62S which follows the addition of a three cabins layout introduced three years ago. The 4000 is the latest flagship pod drive from ZF with a power receiving output up to 1200hp, making the German company able to propel sizes from sixty to one hundred feet. The Azimut 62S was the first tested boat with the ZF4000 pod, and in this test considerable improvements where shown in speeds, efficiency, and handling versus a same Cats 1015hp powered with V-drive shafts in propeller tunnels. Speed improvement was 2.5 knots at a max 36.5 versus 34 on shafts, with cruising gaining the same digits at 31.5 at the same revolutions per hour on engine. Another data is the less draft of seven centimeters of the ZF pod version. Last but not least is the turning circle data which is reduced considerably, this being done at top speed of 36 knots and using only ninety meters of radius with ZF4000 pods, versus the 205 meters of the shafts at 34 knots. Only negative factor is the weight which increases by 1300kg for a total of 30.8 tons versus 29.5 on shafts at a medium displacement load.

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