December 20, 2010

News: Nord West December 2010

Nord West has with its new boat sales met its 2010 target, whilst second hand, used boat sales soured with 81 completed sales to a value of 179 million SEK, more then 40 million SEK than last year. A fantastic job done by the Nord West staff and perhaps also due to the investment in the new boat show room at Vindön. If you havn’t allready seen Nord West permanent exhibition of both new and second hand boats we hope you have the chance to do so soon. Nord West Vindon showroom is open all weekdays and the first Saturday of every new month between 10-14, with exception of New Years day when we instead choose to have open on Thursday the 6th and Saturday the 8th of January. Any other times can be booked with any of our sales staff. This fall and winter, sales have been strong of both new and second hand boats. Nord West is also seeing international sales successs. Last week another new Nord West was sold to Japan, which will be the first 370 Flybridge that will be seen in Asia. Home harbour will be in the Osaka area. Russia is another exciting market where we Nord West has sold additional boats this year.
Flexideck Sweden AB and Nord West have begun a partnership. Nord West will from the production year 2011 offer Flexideck for those customers who prefers an alternative to the traditional teak deck on the surfaces that today has traditional teak. Nord West is very excited over the newley started collaboration says Rolf Skånberg CEO at Flexideck Sweden AB. The collaboration shows that Nord West wants to offer its clients the best of what the market has to offer! First out will be a new Nord West 370 Flybridge with a mounted Flexideck on all outer surfaces. This means that the client will have a maintanence free deck all years without losing its new golden colour. Nord West CEO Benny Martinsson believes that it is very important to be able to offer clients different alternatives in the fitting out of each model. Flexiteek has proven to deliver the high quality that Nord West seeks on the boats it produces.
Nord West show which accommdates 25 boats, advises that in recent times over half of the stock has been changed. The new arrivals have all gone through the refurbishing department, before being presented to the general public. So if you are looking for a used boat with new like condition the Nord West showroom is surely worth a visit. Visit the site for models, specifications and picture gallery to each of the boats for sale.

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