August 4, 2010

Project: Wider 42

Wider is the new brand founded by Tilli Antonelli, after the ex Pershing boss left the company he formed in 1985 at the start of this year and above is the rendering of its first model the 42. Designed by Fulvio de Simoni for the topsides and concept, and Mark Wilson for the underwater hull shape the Wider 42 seems to continue the recent innovation vain which seems convolve small medium sized boat builders of the shoe shaped peninsula. But do not think that this concept is only innovative for the centre ship which expands 50% of the cockpit space thanks to the expanding of the sides. This is just the visiting ticket! For me the Wider 42 intrigue factor is the centre console, rib, powerboat, and cruiser concept mash up all in one. Other innovations for the Wider 42 will be a new energy saving CAN bus electrical system by Ascon, interiors which will be ultra modern, deck finished by Esthec a material which represents teak in looks and feel but is also fireproof and does not require special maintenance, and a tender launch system which can house a quite large jet bike or rib. Interior wise the 42 will offer a fore peak cabin with a galley, a settee which transforms to a double berth, and a separate shower head. Construction of Wider 42 continues what Antonelli started with Pershing in 1995 of vacuum infusion Scrimp system being used in a carbon fiber and Vinilester resin composite mix. The carbon used in construction will also be visible in some parts like the cabin sides creating artistic elements with this unique material. Wider also reintroduces a concept very much abandoned with hull designer Mark Wilson who is three times powerboat world champion in class P2, and twice in P1 doing the hull of the 42 around racing offshore boats with a two stepped hull and a stem which delivers a minimum angle even at low planning speeds. The Wider brand although new is experienced and joining Antonelli will be Paolo Favilla ex Pershing CEO in 2009, Vincenzo Sulpizi ex Pershing interior designer and project manager, and Laura Carboni also coming from Pershing taking care of public relations. The Wider will also be built in the old Pershing establishment used from 1990 till 2004 in the Marche region, and a 35, and fifty feet models should follow the launch of the 42 which is expected for Genoa.

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