August 13, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 385 HT Part 4 of 7

Part four of the Galeon new 385HT dedicated Inbuild section. In this photo to tell you with a metaphor you are seeing the rib bones of the 385HT, called in the nautical term as stringers. To compare it to a human body the gel coat is the skin, glass and resin are the blood and meat, and the bones and ribs are the stringers. The ribs are usually put in a strategic place in order to withstand the pressures, and are usually what keeps the boat together in the worst moments. A hull breakage usually starts with a stringer breaking loose. The Galeon 385HT designed by Tony Castro shows a very sound solid structure with ten horizontal and four vertical stringers able to withstand pressures associated for a forty knots top speed this sport cruiser will be able to do with the most powerful engines.

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