August 27, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 385 HT Part 5 0f 7

A huge step forward has gone into the building process of the 385 HT from the last time when we showed the hull stringers being attached to the hull. The above photo which equals to part five of the series shows hull number two with the deck and hull attached, as are the side railings. Fitting out is being done on deck by three workers and this was end of July. What this photo also shows are wide side decks too. Not bad if one is in his older years. This hull two should be the one to be debuted in Cannes. I also was just fortunate enough to see unedited photos of the completed hull number one which has a bronze colored orange, and I am speechless. This has to be one of Galeon's and Tony Castro best looking boats and should be a show stopper for anyone looking for an eleven or twelve metre size sport cruiser, but also for any passionate boater. Watch this spot to see more before the Cannes show, where you should see the 385 HT in its completed glory before its debut!

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