August 29, 2010

Project: Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht

Sunseeker continues its way into bigger sizes presenting the project of the 40 Metre Yacht set to launch in the coming September Southampton boat show. A similar beam suggests that the triple decked 40 Metre Yacht is based on the 38, which Sunseeker has delivered in five units. The 40 Metre Yacht will be built in fiberglass to RINA unrestricted navigation classification, and will weigh at about two hundred tons fully loaded. A spacious accommodation for up to twelve guests in six cabins is available. Crew accommodation is for nine persons. Automatic balconies as seen on the 130 Predator in last year Southampton show can be included as optional in the owners cabin on the main deck, or another part of the yacht. A 24 knots top speed is expected with the bigger total 6362hp engines, and a 10 knots cruise should give a long 1500 nautical miles range.


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  2. Thank you Fred! No it is not agreed and I have to check out what it is, and how to handle this.