August 21, 2010

Project: Azimut Grande 100

Azimut presents the project rendering for the 100 of the new Grande line. This new 100 will be the entry level of this new range which starts at one hundred feet. So far Azimut has given little details, although the exterior line do suggest the usual Stefano Righini contemporary modern evoking lines. As usual with Azimut, windows seems to be getting bigger then to the previous model. I wonder if if the quote from a notable yacht architect in a 2001 Italian magazine that we will have a boat made of complete glass will ever come real. Surely Azimut is always challenging itself in this direction. This new Grande 100 of the flybridge line, adds with the other two projects announced earlier this year being the 126 expected to launch in 2012, and the 120 SL which is planned for the end of this Summer.

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