August 2, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 385 HT Part 3 of 7

For those attentive in our Inbuild section will remember that in part one of this series for the 385HT we showed you the tooling for the hull of this model. Now in part three pictured above is the just released 385 hull from the mould. This above is the second built which will also be a 385 HT model just as hull number one which was released a week before. In this picture we can see distinctive features which are becoming part of the Galeon latest generation models and obviously included into the 385 HT. For those that don't know, this feature is the sweeping window from fore to stern which makes part of all the new Tony Castro designed Galeon's released after the 640 Fly from 2008. More to come in part four very soon.

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