October 23, 2009

Projects: XL Marine 65, XL Marine 58

XL Marine started up in 2006 first with the 43, and in 2008 follows its expansion with the launch of the 51. Now this Italian builder upgrades its range with two further bigger project models, the 65 and 58. The 65 above which will be XL Marine future flagship will continue this Rome builder philosophy of offering a variety of choices to its customers not only for the fittings of there Sport Yacht, but also for the layout plan. A concept which is part of XL Marine also for the smaller 43 and 51 models. Just to give an idea, the 65 will be offered with hard top or without, and will also offer three different interior plans one of which offers four double guest cabins, three heads, separate galley, and two person crew cabin aft. Performance is an estimated forty knots max, with twin MAN 1550hp, while standard MAN 1360hp give 38 knots. Designer Gianfrano Di Mennato follows a keel shape with classic deep vee twenty two degrees dead rise aft, tradition again a symbol for XL Marine above and below the waterline. The XL Marine 58 pictured above is the other bigger model from this Italian builder which wants to compete with other historical yards in pure open type Sport Yachts. The 58 as all the other XL Marine follows the philosophy of the builder, saying that real luxury is choosing, offering also here a variety of choices, like optional hard top, teak side decks and so on. The standard interior layout is offered with three double cabins, plus a crew cabin aft. XL Marine have so far presented a single plan but as the smaller models, and bigger 65 project expect more to come. Twin MAN 1150hp power the twenty two degrees Di Mennato designed deep vee to a top speed of 37 knots. The project of the 58 is also ready on preliminary format, and now waiting for a real customer to make the signs on the dots so to go from papers to a fiberglass reality.

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