May 9, 2013

Project: XL Marine 76

Its a difficult time for many boat builders in Europe and Italy, but non the less some of these are still bringing interesting projects to the market in order to create reaction from clients.  XL Marine is one these builders who after presenting the projects of a 60, and 65 models in the past, adds to this a new 76 flagship.  This new 76 is still just a rendering but proposes in bigger dimensions the features which are found in all the Rome Italian builder models.  A classic open sport yacht with flash deck, squared stern, and rounded windshield.  Also in this model XL Marine shows again the hard top which the company proposed in some designs some years ago, but launching its first model with this feature the past Summer with the 51 S.  As for even the small 43, the 76 will follow the principle of XL Marine of a very custom layout plan, which can offer up to four double guest cabins.  Performance although not yet announced is to follow XL Marine traditional speed numbers from mid to high thirties and above forty knots if one chooses large engines and surface drive propulsion units.

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