July 19, 2017

Project: Cranchi 78 Magnifica

The Cranchi 78 Magnifica shows the Italian yard recent resolve in challenging again the bigger sizes of the yacht spectrum.   Cranchi saw with the Sixty 6 Flybridge produced from 2010 to 2015 its biggest build to date, this new 78 Magnifica outlines a believe in future success for the Italian builder and the need to push the range into bigger dimensions. As usual for Cranchi, the Italian company is prepared to make important steps ahead with significant investment in research, development and infrastructure.   Christian Grande design studio is presently at work on this project, collaborating with the Cranchi yard and it’s primary partners.  Not much information about Cranchi 78 Magnifica is available as yet, though from the above rendering one can deduct that it has a lot of the recent style amenities and seems to show a pod drive propulsion system.

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