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January 17, 2024

New Model: Itama 45RS

Itama 45RS came out in Summer 2023, a new update which follows the 45S presented in mid 2017, and the third version of the 45 model which debuted in 2011.  The new Itama 45RS features three important updates to the 45S, updated two cabin layout with larger shower head, renewed helm station dash, and flush hatches on the fore-deck.  The Itama 45RS cabin layout has been redesigned to offer a larger shower head, located in the same port-side area of the previous model, but now longer in length.  Ferretti Group did this by moving the galley to port side from starboard, and the L-shaped dinette the other way round.  The 45RS new helm station dashboard is redesigned to feature two twelve-inch multi-function displays which can be upgraded to twin sixteen-inch in the optional version.  The helm station is also now finished in carbon-fibre, with a wheel clad in fabric coordinated with the outdoor upholstery or alternatively on request in teak.  For the remaining the Itama 45RS keeps the features of the 45S, including the central windscreen opening which also creates a comfortable and safe passageway to the foredeck.  The Itama 45RS is powered like the 45S from twin Cummins 550hp on integrated U-drive line shafts for top speeds up to 34 knots, and a cruise of 29 knots for a range up to 200 nautical miles. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.82 m (45.4ft)
Hull Length - 12.48 m
Waterline Length - 10.84 m
Beam - 3.95 m
Draft - 1.33 m
Displacement - 12,200 kg unloaded, 15,200 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1130 l
Water Capacity - 330 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or two berths in one cabin
Max Persons - 12
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 550hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 34 knots max 29 knots cruise
Range - 200 nm at 29 knots cruise
Project - Marco Casali, Ferretti Group Engineering

June 22, 2023

New Model: Itama 62RS

During the fall of 2022, Itama released the third version of its 62 model, now called the 62RS.  The Itama 62RS follows the 62S version which was presented in 2020, with changes for the interior layout and exterior dashboard.  The 62S debuted the central opening windshield with passageway for the 62, and now with this new Itama 62RS we have the following five soft changes; the galley has a new layout in U-shape without the central peninsula, walnut interior wood, optional to have the two midships cabins with double berth instead of twins, redesign of helm station with twin multipurpose displays and carbon fibre finishing, and cockpit table in teak.  For the rest the Itama 62RS keeps the same timeless line as designed by Marco Casali, which debuted in the fall of 2011, which in itself was an evolution of the FiftyFive presented in 2007.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.03 m (62.5ft)
Hull Length - 17.2 m
Waterline Length - 15.4 m
Beam - 4.75 m
Draft - 1.70 m including propellers
Displacement - 25,900 kg unloaded, 31,500 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3250 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Max Persons - fourteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, optional crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1400hp
Propulsion - line shaft 
Speed - forty knots max, 37 cruise
Range - 255 nautical miles at cruise
Project - Marco Casali

November 22, 2020

Itama New Web Site

Itama from Italy presents its new web site. Itama was founded in 1969 by Mario Amati, with the name of the brand coming from the surname of the founder as reflected in the sea, in opposite reading. Itama first location was in Lungotevere Dante, changed in 1977 to a new bigger location on the left side of the Tiber river. This will be the Itama home for over two decades up until the change of ownership to Ferretti Group in December 2004.  Currently Itama are being build in Forli. Itama model history starts up by building semi-custom wooden flybridge motor cruisers and yachts typical of of the Italian production of the period; the 115, 145, 165, and 185 models, but it will be the year 1978 which brings the big change.  Inspired by a famous US sport cruiser, Mario Amati decides to compete and creates a timeless gem to the Italian motor boating history, the Itama 38 an offshore style sport cruiser with a deep 22 degrees Vee shape hull.  Its a turn around for Itama, with the 38 production also making the switch to fiberglass production, and also for innovating.  Sold in over 170 units in a production run lasting over 22 years the Itama 38 was also the first inboard powered motor boat to feature an underwater exhaust system, presented in 1980.  Other Itama models with the same style will follow the 38 in the eighties, from the 52 in 1983 upadated and renamed as 54 in 85, and the 45 launched in 1985. Mario Amati will sell most of his shares of Itama in 2001, with the company being controlled for the majority stake by Bulgari, with a total buyout coming by Ferretti Group at the end of 2004.  The Ferretti Group era starts a new generation of models designed by Marco Casali and an internalization of the brand; Forty is launched in Genoa on October 2005, the Fifty Five follows a year later in 2006.  These are the first new models and are followed by the Seventy Five, Fifty and Sixty.  The most successful of the Ferretti Group era models has been the Forty which will sell 109 units in a production run lasting only six years, making it also the second most sold Itama of all time.  Currently Itama builds three models; 45RS, 62RS, and Seventy Five. Itama new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About Itama, Yachts Collection, Itama Open News, and Contacts. Itama new web site also features links to the Ferretti Group Social media pages; Youtube, and Instagram located at the bottom of the entrance page.
Production History;
- 115 1970-75
- 145 1974-78
- 160/165 1972-80
- 180 1976
- 38 1978-2001 (176) *prototype made in wood
- 52 1982-1984 (7) *prototype in wood *project 51
- 54 1985-2001 (19) *one made with enclosed HT 1989
- 45 1985-1995 (36) *one ordered in wood *project 44
- 46 1994-2002 (32)
- 56 1997-2002 (13)
- 42 2000-03 (9) 
- 76 2001-02 (2) *70 project  Bulgari-Amati ownership
- 50 (2003-5) (9) *last three units with rounded windshield
- 60 2003-5 (11) *two with steel radar arch/two with HT
- 40 2003-5 (12) 
- 48 2004-5 (9) *project 44
- 55 2004-05 (5)
- Forty 2005-11 (109)  Ferretti Group ownership/Marco Casali design
- Itama FiftyFive 2006-12 (56) 
- SeventyFive 2008- (30
- Sixty 2009-10 (2)
- Fifty 2009-11 (4)
- 45/45S/45RS 2011/2017/2023 (40
- 62/62S/62RS 2012/2020/2022 (35

September 21, 2020

New Model: Itama 62S

Ferretti Group give a little love to the Itama brand by presenting the new 62S. The Itama 62 was presented in 2011 as evolution of the FiftFive model which was launched in 2006. The S in the Itama 62 stands for the updated windshield which is now centrally opening and serves two functions. Function one will be that to allow more air circulation in the cockpit, second usage is that to serve as a passage to go on the fore-deck. Here the engineers build retractable steps and another step moulded forward. The opening windshield is not new in the Itama's as this detail was introduced by Mario Amati in the 46 model in 1995 and later on evolved in all the other models. The Amati version was not fully open and only served as a window to fresh the cockpit deck under way or on anchor.  Even though this was a simple gadget, everyone appreciated this detail, as it really made the cockpit deck fresh in Summer.  For example to this day I am still surprised how this solution is not used more in hard-top boats, which do become hot in the peak Summer season.  A couple hard-top boats did use this solution in the early 2000's as the Tiara Sovran and Cayman 43 WA models, but I am not aware of any particular new hard tops which have used it today or in the recent past. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.03 m (52.5ft)
Hull Length - 17.2 m
Waterline Length - 15.4 m
Beam - 4.75 m
Draft - 1.70 m incl props
Displacement - 25920 kg unloaded, 31500 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3250 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Max Persons - 14
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, optional one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1400hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 40 knots max 37 knots cruise
Range - 255 nm at fast cruise
Project - Marco Casali

June 20, 2018

New Model: Itama 45 S

During the fall of 2017 Itama added the S designation to the 45 model.  S meaning for Sporty and that for more powerful Cummins engines of 550hp versus the 480hp of the previous standard model.  These more powerful engines add the 45 S with a two knots performance now reaching top speeds up to 35 knots.  For the remaining the Itama 45 S is entirely the same model as the 45, with the same main deck that works so well in the Mediterranean Summer for an aft sun-pad and C-shaped dinette, and an interior for a two or single cabin choice. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.82 m (45.4ft)
Hull Length - 12.48 m
Waterline Length - 10.85 m
Beam - 3.95 m
Draft - 1.33 m
Displacement - 12070 kg unloaded, 15060 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1130 l
Water Capacity - 330 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or two berths in one cabin
Max Persons - 12
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 550hp
Propulsion - line shaft 
Speed - 35 knots max 30 knots cruise
Range - 190 nm at 30 knots cruise
Project - Marco Casali

December 26, 2016

Improve-it = Itama 62

Itama, the Italian open yacht par excellence, the epitome of power and style, is writing an important new page in its fascinating history that will captivate its fans.  Following in the wake of the Ferretti Group’s innovative energy at the Cannes 2016 boat show, Itama has unveiled a new version of a timeless classic.  The Itama 62 was shown at the Cannes boat show with a hull in white color and a deck made entirely from teak.  With this unprecedented solution, Ferretti Group is showing future Itama yacht owners how they can customize both the interior decor and personalize their own open yacht by choosing the color of the hull and the layout of the fore deck to best reflect their needs and taste. The Itama style remains unique and inimitable: these exquisite yachts designed by Marco Casali by the sea, renowned around the world for their simple Italian design, unmistakable Mediterranean spirit, sleek and sporty lines, and incredible rough seas handling thanks to a pure deep Vee hull.

February 21, 2016

Mario Amati 1933 - 2016

Mario Amati, unforgettable founder of Cantieri Navali di Roma, Itama, which he established in Rome in 1969, has passed away Saturday 20th February at the age of 83.  Mario Amati was a brilliant designer, and the innovator of a unique style of iconic sport cruisers and yachts. Amati was also a technical innovator having been the inventor to launch the hull integrated underwater exhaust system in 1981. Open yachts designed by those who love the sea for those who adore it, the Itama brand name recalls the surname of the founder, read backwards in the sea.  The big fiberglass open models which started with the 38 in 1980 immediately became popular as cult objects owing to their elegance and simplicity of lines, the reliability of their technologies, their strong character and their precise stylistic imprint.  Mario Amati sold a big part of Itama to the Opera fund of Bulgari in 2001, who then sells the brand name to Ferretti Group in end 2004.

November 7, 2011

New Model: Itama 62

Itama presents the new 62 model, shown for the first time at the Genoa boat show.  This model replaces the Sixty, and is an evolution of the Fifty Five which according to the official website will so far remain in production.  Just as the new 45 presented in Cannes, the 62 main difference from the Fifty Five and Sixty models will be for an aft sloop stern.  Another difference will be for three double cabins interior now finished in standard form as the old nineties build Itama's in white lacquer color woods.  Power will be for a singular choice of twin MAN 1360hp which give a 40 knots top speed, to the pure deep Vee twenty degrees dead rise hull.
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.03 m (62.5ft)
Hull Length - 17.24 m
Waterline Length - 15.03 m
Beam - 4.75 m
Draft - 1.71 m
Displacement - 22.5 t unloaded, 28.3 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3250 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Accommodation - 6 guests berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x MAN V12 1360hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 40 knots max, 37 knots cruise
Range - 255 nautical miles at 37 knots cruise
Hull Type - Monohedron hull with spray rails, 20 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Marco Casali, Ferretti AYT
Certification - CE 2003/44 A, modules B + F + Aa (sound emission) RINA Spa

September 26, 2011

Project: Itama 62

Itama presents the project for the 62, a model which will replace and is a further evolution of both the FiftyFive and Sixty.  Designed by Marco Casali the 62 rendering shows a following to the changes found in the new 45.  That is a  light slanting stern aft, and new big view windows on the hull side, serving the cabins, lower saloon, and galley.  The interior should remain the same or similar, although Itama is stating a light modification to the three cabins, and to the shower heads, this increasing more space.  The exterior of the 62 keeps its function as a luxury saloon in the open air dedicated to the maximum living and full contact with the sea.  Power to this twenty degrees deep Vee hull sport yacht will be for twin MAN 1100hp standard, or optional 1360 engines.  Speeds are for a max of 40 knots with the optional large choice.

September 12, 2011

New Model: Itama 45

Itama starts its boat show season with the presentation of the new 45 model, a further evolution of the best selling one hundred plus delivered Forty and again a creation of Marco Casali.  Keeping in line with tradition the new 45 breaks new frontiers of this brand, thanks to the new aft sweeping stern, and large view windows for the cabins.  But the 45 is all about added features from the invisible hydraulic gangway, that is integrated into the hull, and bathing platform which can  lower in the water.  The Itama 45 will also feature a removable free standing shower aft, just as shown on other Ferretti Group models.  Inside the theme continues as was shown with the celebrating hull one hundred of the Forty with an interior finished in white lacquered wood, paying big homage to the classic Itama's.  The layout is similar to the Forty accept for a rotation of the shower head to 90 degrees this increasing space.  The lower deck offers a choice for a single cabin and a large twin L-shaped sofa saloon, with a more spacious galley, or the more popular two cabins version.  In both versions the owner room is to fore.  Power is from twin Cummins 480hp engines with traditional line shafts, which take the classic deep Vee hull shape up to a max speed of 33 knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.82 m (45.4ft)
Hull Length - 12.48 m
Waterline Length - 10.68 m
Beam - 3.95 m
Draft - 1.22 m
Displacement - 13.7 loaded, 10.7 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 1130 l
Water Capacity - 330 l
Accommodation - 4 + 2 berths, 2 + 2 berths
Max Persons - 12
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB 5.9 480hp
Propulsion - line shafts
Speed - 33 knots max, 30 knots cruise
Range - 250 nm at 30 knots cruise
Hull Shape - monohedron deep Vee with spray rails and 22 degrees dead rise aft
Project - Marco Casali line, Ferretti AYT Engineering
Certification - CE 2003/44 A, RINA modules B + F + Aa (sound emmisions)

August 29, 2011

Project: Itama 45

Itama presents its new project of the 45 model.  Based on the hull lines of the Forty launched in the fall of 2005, the model which started the new course of the Ferretti Group ownership since Itama was purchased from Bulgari in 2004, and put Rome designer Marco Casali responsible for the design of the famous Italian opens.  The new 45 as outlined by Casali and Ferretti Group Advanced Yacht Technology features new elements in the technical department and some design touches which represent a change for the very traditional looking Itama's.  This as the above modified rendering shows, will be in the 45 what is the first Itama to have a sweeping stern.  It will be interesting to see how the Itama purist takes this change which still look traditional.  Other changes are a larger and hydraulic up and down moving bathing platform, new large windows on the hull sides, and invisible telescopic gang way under the port side located transom door.  The accommodation plan is the same as for the Forty featuring a choice of a single or twin cabins, sleeping from two to six people including the convertible dinette.  But a change in the bathroom which has been rotated to ninety degrees can be found, this giving more space.  Power will be from twin Cummins 480hp in line shafts.   

November 26, 2010

Improve-it = Itama Forty

Itama chose the most important boat show in Italy, and one of the greatest global platforms to unveil a limited edition of its great classic, the Forty. This version is born to celebrate the one hundred delivery of this unique timeless sport cruiser, with the intention to go over the brand history. The Itama Forty was the first of the new Ferretti Group models entrusted to Rome designer Marco Casali. Today the range has five models starting from the Forty up till the 2008 launched Seventy Five flagship. Restyling of Itama Forty no. 100 proposes style features typical of the earlier eighties and nineties Amati models: lacquered interiors, an even cleaner and clearer design, with white as prevalent colour, and the typical nautical style. Moreover, interiors include stylish furnishing items for the bathroom and kitchen from the prestigious JVstore di Jannelli&Volpi, not to mention the important partnership with Brionvega which, together with yacht designer Marco Casali, designed a Cubo Itama Edition radio, produced in a limited number of models that will embellish the new yacht. The rest stays the same for the successful Itama Forty from the very sea worthy deep Vee 22 degrees dead rise hull, a two interior plan choice for a single or twin cabin, 35 knots performance with twin 450hp engines, and the choice for an aft sun lounger or U-shaped settee.

October 15, 2009

New Model: Itama Fifty

After close to two years of waiting the new Itama Fifty is finally launched. The Fifty is the fifth model to come from Itama since 2004 owners Ferretti Group took over the brand. Trusting again the job to Rome designer Marco Casali who has now all the new Itama's to his name, the Fifty represented a big challenge as it replaces the classic 45, 46 and 50 models in a new format. Actually the Fifty manages to replace these past models superbly but still keeping in with the tradition they represent like the VIP double cabin aft, and central position of the engines. The Casali designed Fifty but goes further to this by improving the standards in the accommodation spaces of the three double cabins now all with flat berths unlike the previous bunk guest berths of the classic models, and also having three en suite heads all of big dimensions. It also adds space outside in the cockpit always a big feature of the Itama's but here practically being only slightly smaller in size to that of the latest Fifty Five, and the bathing platform which can now also take a jet bike comfortably. Powered by twin MAN 800hp the Fifty reached a top speed of 34 knots in light load format in its sea trials, which is less one knot to the 35 expected. Surely not slow but a bit less to the close forty knot mark usually associated by the blue white hulls.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.14 m (52.9ft)
Hull Length - 15.25 m
Beam - 4.61 m
Draft - 1.55 m full load
Displacement - 20.9 t dry unloaded, 25.6 loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2500 l
Water Capacity - 660 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x MAN 800hp
Propulsion - direct in line shaft
Speed - 34 knots max
Design - Marco Casali
Construction - infusion resin glass fibre
Certification - CE 94/25 A, safeties for six persons

August 3, 2009

Improve-it = Itama Forty

Itama has created a new version of the Itama Forty, specifically designed for the East. The Forty is a Sport Cruiser that Itama has maintained a focus right from its launch and it has already reached a wide range of objectives. It is certainly no casual choice as the international success of the craft’s recent restyling process with its numerous new qualities and features has been resoundingly confirmed, not only by the compliments of yachting experts and the press, but also by the financial results reaped during its first year on the market. In fact the response after its unveiling has been so positive that the yacht’s production programme has had to be significantly updated. These changes, based on innovative forms and technology, in line with the continuous developments, have been strictly maintained in the new model designed for Eastern markets. Now the Forty also includes a specially restyled deck layout to meet the needs of the differing onboard lifestyles and weather conditions in the parts of the world it has been designed for. The special features and design of this new version are reflected in the name it has been given, Space-deck. In fact the cockpit has been enlarged to almost twice its previous size by including the sundeck. These new markets, without doubt, prefer more sitting space and this desire has been fulfilled in the new Forty by adding another sofa that creates two spacious adjacent lounge areas offering real conviviality and relaxation. This change in deck design to enhance and enlarge the cockpit as far as possible, demonstrates care and consideration and its insistence on satisfying the real needs and desires of customers who enjoy life onboard in a different way to others. This initiative confirms the company’s dynamic and open way of operating and its international range and sensibility. Of course, it remains true to the shipyard’s distinctive design, in the best Itama tradition, a combination of strictly Made in Italy creativity, research and technology that has made it a famous and sought after name.

July 17, 2009

New Model: Itama Sixty

The Sixty, is a new yacht from Itama, about to venture onto the seas. The Itama Engineering Department and Advanced Yacht Technology of Ferretti S.p.A., in partnership with yacht designer Marco Casali who is responsible for the boatyard’s entire range, have created a vessel that is a natural evolution of the Fiftyfive. The result is an open yacht with a decidedly sporty feel, whose strength lies in its powerful performance. This sport yacht is 18.82 metres long, and has a powerful twin MAN 1550hp engines and surface propellers, effortlessly reaching 48 knots of max speed. Its high performance is partly due to the famous 22° vee shape of the hull, a distinctive feature of this shipyard, which assures unparalleled performance thanks to the higher bow and the markedly slimmer stern. This new Sixty is a continuation of the direction taken by Itama with great success in recent years, as the company has concentrated on ideas that really make the most of the available space. On-board liveability, the optimisation of interior exterior spaces, and the feeling of freedom during navigation are the distinctive traits of Itama's. The first thing you notice is the spacious cockpit which not only has a large sunbathing area but also incorporates an open air pull-out table and a comfortable sofa next to the cockpit area complete with front-facing seats and chaise-longue. The glass windshield an important stylistic and technological detail typical of Itama vessels not only gives added rake to the boat’s profile, but also creates total protection inside the cockpit without reducing direct contact with the sea. Another sophisticated feature is the choice of materials used from the carbon finish dashboard, to the helm made from stainless steel, and high quality teak. The electrohydraulic canopy, successfully introduced on the Fiftyfive, will stand up to any weather conditions. Offering total protection of the dinette when closed, it can be opened so that passengers can fully appreciate life onboard the yacht. Getting the most out of your boat also means appreciating all of its functions, and in this regard the Itama Sixty has an interesting new feature compared to the Fiftyfive, reflecting the constant search for solutions designed to increase onboard comfort. There is a central walkway on the transom which acts as a tender lift for easy handling of the jet ski or tender. Last but not least, access to the engine room is extremely convenient, with the option of entering via the afterpeak or from the crew cabin. Apart from the classic layout of the interior, what is instantly apparent is the meticulous styling and carefully-selected materials used in the strikingly contemporary interior. The shipyard has chosen to focus its attention on the owner by providing two choices of below deck finish: white lacquer, for an airier, maritime feel, or the warmth and elegance of walnut. The standard layout of the Itama Sixty comprises 3 cabins and 3 en-suite bathrooms, plus a convenient kitchen diner. The crew cabin is optional and features an entirely new design compared to the Fiftyfive, to make way for the larger propulsion units. It has a separate stern entry guaranteeing maximum privacy onboard, and of course there is direct access to the engine room through the watertight door. Great 48 knots top speed performance, a racing spirit and elegantly customised interior are qualities that make the new Itama Sixty an avant garde design that perfectly combines power and unbridled contact with the sea.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.82 m (61.9ft)
Length Hull - 17 m
Beam - 4.75 m
Draft - 1.39 m
Displacement - 24t empty, 30.4 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3250 l
Water Capacity - 710 l
Max Persons - 14
Accommodation - 3 double cabins 3 heads, 1 crew cabin optional
Engines - 2 x MAN V12 1550hp
Propulsion - surface drives
Speed - 48 knots max with 1/3 load
Project - Marco Casali, Ferretti AYT
Certification - CE 94/25 A

August 19, 2008

Boat Review: Itama Forty

Classics of the classics. This is how I always described, the glorious boat builder Itama and it's range of boats. Founded 1969 in close premises to Italy's capital city Rome by Mario Amati, Itama was among the first answer to the legend that Teodoli's Magnum was creating in the States. The Itama 38 presented in 1979 was the first reply from Amati, creating with this new model also the first underwater exhaust system. Fast forward to 2004 and here comes the acquisition of Ferretti Group, with the Pershing holding of Itama. The Forty designed by Marco Casali replacing the 40 as reinterpreted by Amati, was the first reply from the new owners and it was already a shining star of better things to come for this legendary brand of timeless Power Yachts.
When launched in the fall of 2005 the Itama Forty surprised everyone in the accommodation fronts. First thanks to the cockpit layout with a big sun lounger, c-shaped settee to starboard, helm station to port and a wetbar just behind it. Second to a very smart 2 cabin interior something always missing from the old 38 which at the time was conceived by Amati more as a weekender for a young couple.
The new forty reversed this trend with a two cabin interior giving impressive accommodation while still keeping with the Itama legendary clean lines. For the nostalgic Itama also offered a single cabin version with two L-shaped saloon settees and a spacious galley to starboard taking the place of the second cabin.

Itama has always been a follower of pure deep vee hull design with the renowned 22 degrees angle aft of its hulls. The Forty follow the rules it's founder created, and differs from previous Itamas by taking advantage of modern vee drive solutions, which loose nil performance as it was in the past but adds space for comfort below. The Itama Forty thanks to the study of Ferretti Engineering keeps the wonderful weight balance the white blue hulls have a fame for, with an overall improvement. If taking out at sea with a reassuring boat is your thing, the Itama want disappoint your expectations thanks to a perfect balanced hull and a classic deep vee that slices the water in perfect manner.
Two cabin interior version
Cockpit space layout
Bathing platform functionality
Timeless lines
No railing to go forward, but I would not want one on this boat
A lot of competition for Itama, mostly coming also from Central South Italy, like renowned builder Baia, but also some new comers offering the closest threat like XL Marine with there 43 offering a very similar concept to the Forty. Other choices include the 44 Rivarama a modern interpretation, but with the Riva classic flare going into it, with the same idea going behind the Sarnico Spider. Modern looking but what could not be missing here is the Magnum 44 Banzai which offers tremendous performance. As a wild card we choose a lobster boat from USA builder Hinckley for those who still want a classic line but may may be with something more over there heads.
Baia 43 One - loft style single cabin IPS or surface drives, alternative cockpit
Magnum 44 Banzai - single cabin, aggressive modern Pininfarina lines, surface drives
Riva 44 Rivarama - a pure open from Riva, more modern style, 2 cabins
Sarnico 43 Spider - same theme to Riva, invisible second cabin with head, IPS
Unica 42 - classic lines modern windshield, various options inside and propulsion
XL Marine 43 - from the people created the previous 40, similar but 2 cabin heads option
WILD CARD: Hinckley 44 Talaria - lobster classic lines, full weather protection, 2 cabins
If you want a classic no frills design, strong build and a good sea keeper there is not much looking then the Itama Forty. She is undoubtedly the classic of classics, and the improvements made, make sure she will last for an other decade and more. Compared to the previous 38 and 40 models, the new interior layout, cockpit and bathing platform arrangement give the Forty the extra step ahead offering much greater volume for owners who want to use there Itama not only for fast hops between a marina and an island, but also for an extended Summer cruise. The latest Itama Forty completes the cycle thanks to it's modern interior, good accommodation and the handling performance that only a boat that is built around balance and followed by accommodation can give, but most of all outside it remains clean and unchanged as the Itamas have been since eighties.
Technical Data
LOA. 13.36 metres (43.8ft)
Hull Length. 12.25 metres
Beam. 3.95 metres
Draft. 1.22 metres
Displacement. 13.7 t loaded, 10.7 t empty with standard equipment
Fuel Capacity. 1130 litres
Water Capacity. 330 litres
Max Persons. 12
Accommodation. 2 cabins or single cabin version with single head
Engines. 2 x MAN CR 450hp
Propulsion. Shaft Drive Speed. 35 knots max, 30 knots cruising
Project. Marco Casali, Itama
Certification. CE 94/25 A
Picture Copyright Itama. Data Itama.

July 12, 2008

New Model: Itama Seventy Five

The new white-and-blue flagship is here! A craft that is the most advanced combination of comfort, technology and prestige that the shipyard has ever produced. The Itama SeventyFive is the epitomy of innovation, right from its original design featuring high bows, a spectacular curved profile and a distinctively sleek structure created by a slim central roof. Here, innovation is taken to its foremost frontier with a record-breaking carbon fibre and glass windshield and avantop that are the largest in the sector. The use of carbon fibre signifies a saving of no less than 60% over the weight of steel, a factor that boosts performance incredibly in terms of speed and fuel consumption. The cockpit is truly extraordinary too. Measuring almost 60 square metres, it has been divided into four distinct areas to enhance efficiency. The prestige LED and optic fibre light fittings are of particular note here, as well as the large sliding sofas that can be joined to form a vast horseshoe seating 12 people. The standard layout includes 3 cabins and 3 bathrooms, as well as a twin crew cabin with its own bathroom. The splendid interiors include a spacious, full beam Master Cabin in the centre of the boat with low furniture, two “open view” windows on both walls, a comfortable chaise lounge and modern, elegant materials for the tops and fittings, including natural teak with steel or lacquered white trims for the furniture, wengè parquet and woollen carpets for the floors, linen or white lacquered wall panelling and ash and Biscazza mosaic tiling for the bathrooms. With its twin 1823hp MTU engines combined with Arneson surface drives, the Itama flagship boasts peak speeds of up to 43 knots. And a limited VHP (Very High Performance) series reaches even an incredible 60 knots. The new SeventyFive, therefore, promises even the most demanding of open yacht aficionados an experience that has never been so rich and intense.
Technical Data:
LOA - 23.54 m (77ft)
Length - 21.53 m
Beam - 5.92 m
Draft - 1.44 m
Weight - 44.50 t empty and dry, 52.20 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 5500 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Max Persons - 16
Accommodation - 3 cabins, 3 heads standard, 4 cabins 4 heads optional, 1 crew cabin for 2
Engines - 2 x MTU 1823hp
Propulsion - Arneson ASD14 surface drives
Speed - 43 knots max light 1/3 load
Certification - CE A

April 24, 2008

Project: Itama Fifty

A much awaited project the Itama Fifty, what has been an important dimension in the past of this status symbol boat builder. This new Itama Fifty today represents the natural replacement of the old 45 and 46 models, classic jewels of the range produced in the 80s and 90s respectively. The new owners of this legendary brand name, Ferretti Group and Pershing really put all the best to tribute the classic models, with designer Marco Casali presenting a craft with a similar but modernized layout to the legendary models. Proof to this are the interior plans which show what is a classic Itama layout with two cabins forward and a third spacious double VIP cabin aft, may be so normal today in open yachts from Italy but so unusual when first appearing on the 45 in the eighties. The new Fifty apart keeping the tradition inside will have the usual attributes as perfect mid positioned engines, low shaft angle for the best performance, deep vee hull all the way and the clean uncluttered timeless classic lines associated with this brand. Estimated performance figures give a 36 knots top speed with two 800hp MAN engines. So now it is just about seeing one for real hopefully in the coming Autumn shows.

December 18, 2007

Project: Itama 75 SeventyFive

Announced recently is the new project from the legendary Itama, the new 75 SeventyFive model. The new management of this prestigious boat builder which is now part of the Ferretti Group, continues to upgrade the new range for this timeless sport yachts and cruiser line with architect Marco Casali, responsible for the design of the new Itama yachts. This new yacht adds particular value to the Itama range as it carries into a new, and even more luxurious and sophisticated dimension, the well-known formula with which these yachts have always combined perfect harmony, sporting spirit, class and direct, intense contact with the sea. The new SeventyFive is a name that will soon be the talk of all the forthcoming international yachting events, offering a spectacular example of the company’s steady growth and faithful continuity of the Itama construction philosophy and the pleasure of power.