November 26, 2023

Posillipo New Web Site

Posillipo presents its new web site.  Posillipo was founded in 1942, although before these years it was called first Posillipo of Gallotti, of Marcello Pane, and then of Turrini, these names representing the names of the master builder who were managing the boat yard located near the caves of Posillipo to the West of Naples, where in reality boat repair and building have existed since decades if not centuries before.  In 1950 the shipyard of Posillipo was acquired by Doctor. Casa and Count Giovanni of Campello who will start serial model production in 1951, launching its first production model the Positano runabout speed boat in 1952.  In 1960 Posillipo will move to a larger dedicated production facility and boat yard in Sabaudia, in province of Latina, some seventy nautical miles from the place which gave the name and the brand, and what will be its home till 2012.  In 1969 Posillipo will launch the Aruba 25 model, its first fiberglass construction. Posillipo will make the seventies a mixed decade building both in wood and fiberglass, and moving slowly to full production in the new plastic material method by around 1979.  In 1972 following financial difficulties Posillipo is taken over by GEPI; Gestioni e Partecipazioni Industriali, a Public Finance founded by the Italian government that helps valid industries restructure. This restructuring is followed by the launch of the Costaguta designed Tobago 47 and Martinica 42 models in the fall of 1973, a high moment for Posillipo with the flagship of the time 47 Tobago model being its best selling to date fibreglass model.  Posillipo will hire Giovanni Zuccon in 1978, who will design the forward thinking Technema range onwards from 1978, starting with the futuristic 65 model which debuted in that year, and ending with the second generation 65 which launched in 2002. The Zuccon designed Technema line will launch some innovative models, but probably it's most important is the 52, which was a sixteen meter flybridge yacht destined to shape the future of things to come in motor yacht design.  In 1990 the USA Nouri Group, lead by Dennis Michael Nouri falls in love and buys Posillipo, only to re-enter financial difficulties towards the end of 1991 due to the luxury boat tax by both the Italian and USA governments, with Gianfranco Rizzardi taking over the brand in the start of 1993.  Posillipo will close in 2012, when the Inrizzardi Group enters financial difficulties, and reopens again in 2016.  Today Posillipo is offering two models; the 90 which was updated from the 2009 presented unit in 2022, and the upcoming 78.  Posillipo new website takes you around with the following buttons; Company Info, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.
Production History;
Positano 5.70m 1951-67  wood production
Airone 1954-
Nettuno Super 9 m 1958-70
Capri Super 1958-
Vulcano 1958-
Bermuda 6.52m 1959-70
Bermuda Twin 7.10m 1960-70
Jamaica 16.05m 1963-64
Costasmeralda 7.82m 1965-70
Martinica 42 Sedan 1966-72
Antigua 34 1969-76
Aruba 25 Sport 1969-73  fiberglass production
Aruba 25 Express 1970-73
Aruba 25 Fisherman 1971-73
Antigua 38 1972-78
Tobago 47/47 Special/47 TS 1973/76/79-82 (87(15/65/7) *45 project
Martinica 42/42 Special/42 TS 1973/76/79-83 (67)
Technema 65 1978-82  Giovanni Zuccon design
Technema 38 fb 1983-90
Technema 68 1983-87
Technema 38 Day 1984-90
Technema 33 1985-87
Technema 58 1984-92
Technema 83 1986-87 (2)
Technema 52/16.90 1986/91-92 (23/4)
Technema 64 1987-92 *Technema 65 project
Technema 51 1989-96 *Technema 48 project
Technema 16.20m Fast 1989-92
Technema 82 1990-2000 (6) *Technema 25m project
Technema 47 1992-96 *Technema 45 project
Technema 87 1994-99 (3)
Technema 60 1994-98
Technema 67 1994-99 (6) 
Technema 55 1996-98
Tehcnema 70 1999-2012 (27) *Rizzardi 70 project
Technema 80 1996-2008 (38)
Technema 105 2002 (1)
Technema 65 2002-2012 *Technema 63 project
Technema 95 2004-2008 (16)  Carlo Galeazzi design
Technema 85 2006-2009 (9)
Technema 118 Guilty 2008 (1)
Technema 120 2008-11 (4)
Techenma 75 2009-12
Technema 90 2009- (3

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