November 16, 2023

Project: Viking 64 Enclosed Bridge

Viking has always believed in the design and development of the enclosed bridge, and presents the project for the 64 Enclosed Bridge.  A new entry level to the Enclosed Bridge range the 64 EB comes as replacement to the 62EB produced from 2014 to 21 and offers the comfortable out of the weather, climate-controlled raised command centre. The 64 Enclosed Bridge features the typical Viking wraparound windshield which gives excellent sightlines in all directions, a style mimicked inside by the raised helm console that holds the electronics components, engine controls and Optimus electric power steering. This console is also to be finished in black Ultraleather surfaces and visor to reduce glare.  As is usual the Viking 64 enclosed bridge also serves as the home for a second salon, a private retreat with an L-shaped lounge, refrigerator, cocktail table and entertainment centre. The walnut hardwoods and cabinetry combine with natural light flowing through the windows to create a space that’s warm, open and airy.

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