November 1, 2023

Special is Optional

Fairline has launched its new Squadron 58 model, debuting at the 2023 Southampton boat show in September.  For Fairline the Squadron 58 name is a special one, with the 2002 to 08 first version selling 210 units in a production run lasting six years, making it the most sold model of the British builder flagship flybridge yacht range. On the contrary the second generation Squadron 58, which was an evolution of the 2008 launched 55 was not so successful, lasting in production less to two years and then evolving into the Squadron 60 with an over-sized bathing platform.

Looking sleek and stylish this new third generation Squadron 58 breaks new ground for Fairline, which for the first time is offering optional drop down balconies extending the size of the aft deck when opened, and an extendable in length to aft bathing platform.  The balconies are not a new feature for flybridge yachts of this size, with Galeon being the first to offer this on flybridge motor yachts with the 500 Fly in 2015, and today extended to most of the Polish builders range above thirteen meters.  

The thing though with the third generation Squadron 58 special features is that they are all an option, three expensive options to tick.  If Fairline really wanted the new Squadron 58 features to stand out some of it needed to be standard, like the port side drop down bulk-head which brings the galley area outside, and the extended bathing platform aft.  Fairline's argument for not making the stand-out features as option, is that in standard form the Squadron 58 is competitive and similar priced to the other yachts in the segment.  But when you are the new kid and the latest arrival, do you want to level compete with those who have dominated this size in recent years.  Think again about Galeon, who give one drop down bulkhead as standard, and with this made huge inroads in recognition and sales in the European and North American market.  

It is still early day to see the fortunes of the Squadron 58, but when it will come with the data with all the stand out features being optional, will Fairline really know if they are popular or not, cause of a cost rather then the customers not enjoying the feature.

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