May 27, 2023

Motor Yacht Beached in Birdie Beach

A seventeen meter Trader motor yacht finished beached on Birdie beach, to the North West of Sydney in Australia in between the night and early morning of Saturday 27 May.  Before the beaching the yacht was being towed after it developed problems to its engines to the South East of Birdie Island.  Ultimately because of the damage sustained, and problems in salvaging the yacht from its current location, reports are coming that she will be chopped and wrecked.
The yacht in this beaching is a Tarquin Trader 575 Sunliner, an evolution extended in length of the 535 presented in 1997.  The Tarquin Trader 575 Sunliner was produced from 2000 to 2008 and offered an interior with three double cabins, and was powered by twin Cats 450hp which give 22 knots top speeds.  The 575 was replaced by the slightly longer 585 Sunliner in 2008.  Tarquin Trader was a British company with boats produced in Taiwan.

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