May 28, 2023

CRN New Web Site

CRN presents its new virtual global World wide web showroom. Founded by Sanzio Nicolini in Ancona Italy in 1963, CRN is the acronym for Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali and since 1999 has been owned by the Ferretti Group. Up until Ferretti Group ownership CRN build both commercial and yacht vessels, with the yachts becoming a bigger part of its builds more into time.  In 1964 CRN delivers its first build with the 9.6 meter Galatea, made of steel and aluminium and still to date the smallest boat made.  Galatea was followed by a larger 12.5m Delfino II in the same year, with the sixties being marked by a total of 27 builds with the 34,4 meter Begheera launched in 1969 being the largest.  CRN starts the seventies with the launch of the 23 metre Super Conero, and eight commissioned builds for Riva; six 21,61 Marco Polo and two 30m Vespucci one of which will be Carlo Riva's personal yacht. In 1978 CRN goes again a step bigger and above forty meters in size with the 47,2m Fath Al Kahr, followed by the slightly bigger 48m Santa Maria a year later. The eighties start with a larger build with the 54m TR Brennero, followed by the 32,80m F100 build for Gianni Agnelli to a design of Gerhard Gilgenast.  In total seven builds above fifty meters are made in the eighties including of which will be the 61m m/y Il Vagabundo.  The nineties continue to lead CRN to bigger and larger builds, and in 1991 celebrates its construction no.100 to another new largest build to date with Awal II a 65,30 meters super yacht, its largest build till 2010.  This is followed with more custom super yachts two of which over fifty meters, and in 1999 concedes with the change of ownership and CRN becoming part of the Ferretti Group. The new millennium starts with the delivery of the 61m m/y Nvmptia, the last craft directed by Nicolini, designed by Scanu and featuring a rounded canoe stern. With CRN the Ferretti Group strategies to re-enter into semi-custom builds with the 43 and 46 meter super yacht series, and also enters composite building first because of the Ferretti Custom Line 128 which was build in Ancona and gets rebranded as CRN of which six units will be build from 2004 to 2011, and again followed by the Navetta 43 produced from 2007 to 13 in eight units.  Under Ferretti Group, CRN continues its push into bigger sizes, with three custom 60 meters launched from 2006 to 2009, and builds its largest build to date in 2013 hull #129 m.y Chopi Chopi designed by Giovanni Zuccon. Five more builds above seventy meters are made in between 2010 and 2023, including the 2019 launched 79m Zuccon designed hull #135. CRN new website is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; Our Philosophy, CRN Heritage, CRN Megayachts, New Builds and Design, Services and Refit, and Our News and Events.  CRN is also on social media with lower page buttons taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tweeter, Linkedin, and YouTube pages.  
Production History; (semi-production only)
Super Conero 23m (8)
Marco Polo 21.61 m (6)
Vespucci 30 m (2) 
Magnifica 46 2003-05 (2)
128 2004-11 (6) *Custom Line 128 project
54.2 m 2006-07 (2)
60m 2006-09 (3)
Navetta 43 2007-13 (8)
60m 2011 (2)

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