May 15, 2023

Project: Whitehaven 6500 Coupe

Whitehaven present the project for the new 6500 Coupe, a model which is the 6100 series extended in hull length for 1.3 meters. This extra length capability was incorporated into the original hull design and the moulds were constructed to produce hull lengths from 18 meters to just over 19.5 meters. This extra length enables the 6500 models to include a full beam master bathroom behind the master bed which is an option often requested but which could not be incorporated into the 6100 models and still be in keeping with the application of traditional straight shaft propulsion systems. The 6500 Coupe otherwise share the same lower accommodation as the 6100 models with the addition of a full beam master bathroom further complimenting the owner’s stateroom. This provides the option to convert the third guest bathroom into a utility room with extra storage and refrigeration which is always very helpful. There are several options around main deck, saloon and cockpit designs however the main saloon area remains the same length as the 6100 with the extra 1.3 meters creating a longer and more spacious cockpit that can include several custom options for seating, bar areas, alfresco dining and BBQ locations. Surprisingly, the increase to the water line length creates for a more efficient operating vessel and even though there’s significantly more underwater surface area, it’s expected the additional efficiency of the longer 6500 hull to have zero impact on fuel consumption over the 6100 at long distance cruise speeds of up to twelve knots. In fact, there will be very little impact in litres per hour fuel burn at speeds up to eighteen knots. From a manufacturing perspective, sharing the same hull platform across two Whitehaven 6100 and 6500 models that delivers increased amenity over a longer and more efficient operating hull with a lower cost per foot to produce compared to its smaller sibling made good sense. The first Whitehaven 6500 Coupe will be completed in late 2023 and will be on display at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in 2024.

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