May 27, 2023

Tiara Collides into Semi-Submerged Object and Sinks

A fourteen meter Tiara sport cruiser with two people onboard titled m/y Floating Doc, sank while hitting a semi-submerged object off the coast of Fortescue, New Jersey on the morning of Saturday 27 May.  With the impact the sport cruiser had its hull penetrated to bow starboard, and after calling for assistance, the two crew started an operation to cover the hole and slow water ingress.  Later on the two crew where assisted by the Delaware Bay sector Coast Guard first by the eight meter Small-II, who after assisting in the dewater attempts failed took the crew to safety.  Later on a thirteen meter response Coast Guard boat arrived on the scene trying again in saving the sport cruiser, with no success as this capsized and sank in about five meters of water.  The Tiara sport cruiser was recovered on the 31st May by Sea Tow Cape May.  
Floating Doc is a Tiara 4700 Sovran.  A hard-top sport cruiser first released as 4400 Sovran in 2003, and updated with a larger bathing platform in 2007 as 4700 for its last two years of production.  The Tiara 4700 Sovran offered an interior with two cabins and was powered by Cummins 670hp or 715hp with line shaft propulsion for speeds in the low thirties. The 4700 was replaced by the 4500 Sovran in the fall of 2010.

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