April 1, 2023

Mystery Rendering

These days most project renderings are so realistic that sometimes it is difficult to make the difference from real photos.  The opposite is also true that digital photography has so much tools, that an over polished real photo can look like a rendering of sorts, making it difficult to distinguish the one from the other.

In all this though some boat builders are returning back to the past where a couple lines and little details tell small tiny bits of the new model coming up.  A mystery rendering which leaves you it to ones imagination what the new model will be all about.   This system was used a lot in the nineties.  But we are seeing it return again from some brands.

Pershing for example used it a lot when it started teasing its TO project in 2020, which was then later announced as the GTX116 in 2022, launched in the earlier part of this 2023 year.  Rizzardi is another brand which has always used mystery rendering for its upcoming models, showing five distinct lines of the model building curious anticipation to the interested buyer.

Building curious anticipation is important in new product nearly as designing the boat or yacht.

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