April 29, 2023

EF2 Tornado Hits Palm Beach

A severe storm with thunderstorms, hail large as small balls, and a powerful tornado hit Palm Beach Gardens, a South Florida city about 75 miles North from Miami on the late afternoon of Saturday 28 April.  At Harbour Isles residence to the North of Sanctuary Cove a nine meter motor boat was lifted and turned upside down, with other nearby yachts sustaining damage, and one partially sinking.  A video on one of the local news showed a nineteen meter motor yacht which teared down its mooring and was causing havoc in the area.  The Tornado reached speeds up to 120 knots, called EF2 condition and apart boats and yachts it destroyed trees, damaged homes, and flipped over cars in its path.  According to the reports this Palm Beach tornado left no victims, but a man was hospitalized grievously injured after being thrown away by the tornado in the Harbour Isles area.
The upside down motor yacht is a Tiara 3100 Coronet, with an Azimut 50 also sustaining some damage, while the yacht which broke its mooring was a Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht. A Viking 42 Open also ended up partly sank after damaging its aft part of the hull with impacts to the dock.

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