April 24, 2023

Project: Boston Boatworks 52 Offshore Express Cruiser

Twenty-seven years after Boston Boatworks launched its first high-performance, technology-forward racing sailboat, the company announces the development of the 52 Offshore Express Cruiser. As exciting as this project is for the entire team, the genesis of the yacht stays true to the company’s original objectives of integrating composite engineering, high-strength construction, and artisanal workmanship, scaled to limited-production efficiencies.  For the BB52, the builder partnered with venerable yacht designer Doug Zurn and renowned interior design firm Winch Design. While the industry has long known Boston Boatworks for their construction expertise, building over 350 advanced composite performance yachts, including MJMs and grand-prix racing sailboats, as well as expedition tenders and Coast Guard Certified passenger vessels this will be the company’s first model that fully represents their vision and passion for providing owner-operator high-quality offshore yacht under its own name. The seventeen meter express cruiser takes advantage of Boston Boatworks efficiencies as a limited-run manufacturer of series yachts, softening the lines between a production boat and a semi-custom project with prospective owners able to choose from several selections of interior configurations and finishes developed by Winch Design that cater to a wide range of functions, all of which incorporate a multitude of elegant and clever features to enhance the time on board.  The 52 Offshore Express Cruiser also continues the long-standing collaboration between Boston Boatworks and Doug Zurn.  The BB52 is for owners who appreciate a relentless pursuit of quality and those who understand why the entire build needs to be strong to be safe; who recognize that lighter-weight interiors yield spatial and fuel efficiencies; who demand that the boat’s handling be intuitive; and who take pride in the athletic look of their yacht and the gracefulness of its interior. The Boston Boatworks 52 Offshore Express Cruiser will offer an interior with a one or two cabins two head layout choice, with another option coming to have a galley up or down on the lower deck.  The Boston Boatworks 52 Offshore Express Cruiser is to be powered by triple Volvo 440hp and surprisingly for its size will use stern drive propulsion which will give an estimated top speed up to forty knots. 

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