November 1, 2020

Phase Two Winners and Losers

Covid-19 Phase Two is literally going out of hand, and we had quite a few boat shows getting cancelled last minute. The most important of these cancellations was the Cannes Festival, followed by the Southampton boat show. 
The Cannes boat show was annoying to the exhibitors as it was officially cancelled about one week before its opening, and Southampton got cancelled a couple days before.  The exhibitors had already everything ready to get going and considering that business was not that bad since reopening in late Spring and Summer everyone was excited going forward.  
Definitely this was a big lose for the exhibitors who pump money in the show not only for the stands but also for the booked space which on news being told will not get refunded. 
The Winners in all this was surely the Genoa boat show which took place in early October for six days, and was considered a successful exhibition.  The Genoa boat show managed to do the maximum attendants allowed due to Covid-19 restrictions, a number just less to eighty thousand, and apart all this reported sales contract signed during the show was the best of the last ten years.  I think the Genoa boat show had also a record of exhibitors in the last five years, and for the first time since quite a few years some boat builders which attended via the area dealer returned attending in official name.
Just started and ending 1 November we also have the Fort Lauderdale boat show going on as planned.  It will be interesting to see how this will pan out, even though rumours are that the show will have some important exhibitors missing.

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