November 16, 2020

Giancarlo Ragnetti 1946 - 2020

Giancarlo Ragnetti former Perini Navi CEO and founder left to the better World on November 8 in Viareggio, Italy.  Born in the Marche region on the Adriatic East Coast of Italy in 1946 Giancarlo Ragnetti entered in the maritime industry, first working in 1960 with Cantiere Navale Mario Morini in Ancona which build commercial ships.  In seventies Giancarlo Ragnetti started to work with RINA, and in the mid seventies he returned to boat building, joining Ortona Navi.  While at RINA and Ortona Navi, Giancarlo met Fabio Perini in 1978, and from there on the two went on to open Perini Navi in 1983, with Ragnetti as managing director.  Perini Navi eventually grew without limits from there onwards, becoming possibly the most important sailing superyacht builder of the past three decades.  Along with various prizes for Perini Navi, Giancarlo Ragnetti won himself the Leadership Award in 2013 bestowed to him by the International Superyacht Society.  Other hallmarks for Giancarlo Ragnetti was him overseeing the launch of Picchiotti in 2007 which Perini acquired previously.  Retiring from Perini in 2014, but keeping his post as Director Giancarlo Ragnetti latest duty was as director for UCINA from 2011 to 2015.  Giancarlo Ragentti leaves behind his wife Raffaella, daughter Francesca and son Simone.

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