November 25, 2020

Engine: Cat C32B 2025hp

Caterpillar introduces the new Cat C32B of 2025hp.  The Cat C32B diesel rated at 2025hp at 2300 rpm, metric rating,  expands the power capability of the C32 high performance product line, delivering a 5% power increase over existing C32 engines, with only a 2% weight increase.  The C32B engine is a 12-cylinder, vee-configuration engine with a bore and stroke of 145 x 162mm and a displacement of 32.1 litres. Turbocharged and seawater aftercooled, the engine incorporates the latest version of Cat’s Adem 6 electronic engine control module as well as an advanced unit injection fuel system that delivers multiple injections per injection event and provides a 25% noise reduction at low speed conditions. The engine also utilizes Simplex fuel and oil filters, with oil change intervals as high as 500 hours.  Dry weight of the engine is 3075kg., with physical dimensions of 2.1 m. long, 1.48 m wide and 1.44 m. high, which is the same footprint as the current C32 engine, while maintaining most of the same connection points.  The engine will be available with the same emissions certifications as the current C32 high performance ratings, including EPA Tier 3 Recreational and IMO II standards. The engine comes with unlimited-hour protection for the first two years, with Cat’s Extended Service Coverage available for the next three years.

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